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GedStar PRO
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The PalmOS companion for TMG.

Reads data DIRECTLY from The Master Genealogist (v4 or later). No GEDCOM needed.

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Add-on to read FTW and PAF data files directly

Product Description

GEDSTAR PRO v3.x is the newest member of the GedStar family of genealogy applications for handheld PDAs that use the PalmOS operating system. This includes the Tungsten and Zire line from PalmOne, Inc., the Sony Clie line, and even the GPS-enabled Garmin iQue.

New in Version 3.x

The major new feature in version 3 is support for the display of pictures on the handheld as an integral part of the genealogy data. Pictures can be imported directly from The Master Genealogist and Legacy Family Tree, as well as from GEDCOM files that contain links to picture files. The user has some control over which pictures are converted, and all included pictures are automatically resized and compressed for efficient storage on the PDA. With a single tap, users can view pictures associated with individuals, events, sources, and repositories. The initial release supports pictures in the popular JPEG and BMP formats, but support for more formats is expected in the near future.

"The newer PalmOS devices have more memory, faster processors, and high-resolution color screens, which allowed us to finally implement this frequently asked-for feature," said Doug Gordon, proprietor of GHCS. "We believe that GedStar Pro is the only genealogy program on any handheld platform to support this capability."

Version 3.1 added a completely new photo conversion module that is much faster, more accurate, and supports every raster graphics format that we know of. In addition, improvements on the handheld side take advantage of the full 65K-color capabilities of newer devices to greatly improve the quality of the displayed photos.

Version 3.2 added improved Vista compatibility, filtering of the to-do items to show or not show completed tasks, and other minor revisions.

In addition to a number of minor fixes and feature improvements, this is also the first version of GedStar Pro to include some basic support for the new Palm "one-handed navigation" feature that is found on the Treo smartphones and on the T5 and T|X PDAs.

No GEDCOM required

GedStar Pro uses the GenBridge(tm) interface developed by Wholly Genes, Inc., to convert virtually all of your data directly from TMG and make it readily available on your PalmOS handheld device.

It uses familiar TMG terminology, icons, and comparable screens, including:

  • Person, Family, and Tree Views
  • Picklist
  • Custom events, name variations, and relationships
  • Primary and non-primary tags
  • Roles
  • Sources, Citation, Citation Detail, and Surety
  • Repositories
  • Research Log, Research Tasks
  • Bookmarks
  • Multiple data sets

"GedStar Pro is sort of intended for the 'power users' among genealogists," says Doug Gordon of GHCS Software. "It is designed to take advantage of the latest PalmOS devices with hi-res color screens, lots of memory and processor power, and storage space on removable memory cards. But it is still easy to use for anyone doing genealogy on PCs with the supported programs."

The advantage of GedStar Pro over earlier GedStar products is its ability to convert and display almost all of a user's data: multiple names, events, memos, sources, and repositories. It also has a major advantage over any GEDCOM-based product in that it can process data that is not part of the GEDCOM standard, such as the very useful Research Log "to-do list" feature of The Master Genealogist.

The existing GedStar Plus product will continue to be available for users with older devices, or users of genealogy programs not yet supported by GedStar Pro.

GedStar PRO requires:

  • A handheld device running PalmOS™ 3.5 thru 5.x. This includes all color devices, but also many monochrome devices.
  • A PC running Windows 98, ME, NT, XP, or 2000.
  • A supported PC genealogy program: The Master Genealogist®, Legacy Family Tree®,
    Family Tree Maker™ and Personal Ancestral File. Also supports GEDCOM conversion, making
    GedStar Pro compatible with all PC genealogy programs.

    Recommendations : To take advantage of all of GedStar Pro's interface features and for best performance, we recommend the following:
  • A handheld with a removable memory card or a 16Mb or larger internal memory.
  • A color screen.
  • For optimal usage, a device with the extended 320x480 screen.
  • PalmOS 5.0 or later and an ARM processor.

GedStar-Plus is a product of GHCS Software.
TMG, FTW and PAF import provided by GenBridge (TM) by Wholly Genes, Inc.

See sample screen shots
Your PDA doesn't use PalmOS?

Notice: Your name, email address, and serial number will be automatically transmitted to GHCS Software in order to register the product with the manufacturer and qualify you for technical support and future upgrade pricing.

GedStar PRO
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