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GenBridge(tm) is a proprietary technology of Wholly Genes Software which allows licensed developers to access the data in the native format of a wide variety of genealogy software programs through a series of DLL function calls. Although those data files are naturally in widely different formats, the GenBridge API provides a single interface which shields the developer from those differences. The developer of the host application would produce and maintain a single code base while simply passing the program type (Family Tree Maker(tm), Personal Ancestral File(tm), etc.) as an argument to the DLL. GenBridge does the rest and returns the requested data in a uniform format.

GenBridge is in use in Wholly Genes' products and and is continually developed in order to recognize new programs, versions, and file formats as they become available to the public.

The GenBridge(tm) Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for use by software developers. It includes full documentation, sample code, and a version of the GenBridge DLL which reads data from The Master Genealogist and Family Tree SuperTools (only). The GenBridge SDK also includes a freeware license which allows developers to use this limited version of the GenBridge DLL for their personal use or to bundle and distribute it royalty-free with their applications.

Developers who are interested in reading data from the full range of file formats available through GenBridge™ (Family Tree Maker™, Personal Ancestral File™, and others) may use the freeware version for evaluation and development purposes. Upon upgrading to a commercial license to unlock other file formats, few if any changes to the code base should be required. Each commercial license may include one or more of the supported formats (in accordance with the needs of the specific developer) and typically requires a modest usage fee. Public non-profit projects may qualify to waive that fee, however. To obtain a commercial license, please contact Wholly Genes Software with a description of your needs and intended usage.

See also: A case study of GEDCOM vs GenBridge

The Master Genealogist and GenBridge are trademarks of Wholly Genes, Inc.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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