New in The Master Genealogist v8

In addition to a variety of bug fixes, TMG v8 includes a long list of new features that were suggested by researchers.

The screen shots were made of TMG v8 running in Windows 7 64-bit with a variety of screen layouts and color schemes. Your mileage may vary.

Table of Contents

New Features / Enhancements

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Bug Fixes

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In Development / Known Issues

New Features / Enhancements

The right-click menu on the Master Tag Type List.
Click on the image to zoom.
Add a new role on-the-fly.
With the user-defined colors, the most important data types are easy to see in a long list.
Click on the image to zoom.

Tag Types and Roles

A "tag" is an independent piece of data: a name, event, or relationship. Some programs call them "facts" but TMG encourages you to view your data as evidence and not historical facts.

  • Share your tag types, roles, and sentences with friends and fellow researchers or copy them between your own projects using the new Import and Export features.
  • Tags may be deactivated with a right-click menu on a selected tag in the list of tag types.
  • Many new default roles and sentences have been added, including translations to Dutch, German and Norwegian.
  • Individual roles can be disabled/enabled to control whether you'll see them on the data entry screens.
  • New projects include expanded tag labels ("Immigratn"->"Immigration") for easier readability.
  • Specify a background and foreground color for each tag type label. The label will be shown in those colors on the Tag Box, Associates Window, and other contexts.
  • On the Tag Entry Screens the list of roles includes "<New>" which will let you add a new role on-the-fly. The same option is available on the Witness Entry Screen.

Add Multiple People

Add Multiple People at One Time.
Click on the image to zoom.
Add a New Family.
Click on the image to zoom.
New Printer Setup.
Click on the image to zoom.
  • A new screen allows you to add multiple people at the same time in a spreadsheet-like environment. Now it is much easier and faster to enter a list of siblings or children, e.g., from a will. Just down-arrow or click to get a blank row for another person. Cite a source and it is automatically linked to all of the new names and events.
  • A variation on this screen allows you to add a new family to the project. A special column allows you to specify the relationship of each person in the family.
  • A <Setup> button allows you to specify the data types (i.e., columns) to enter for each person.
  • An <Import> button allows you to import multiple people at once from a Comma Separated Value file (*.csv) as produced by a spreadsheet.

The Report Writer

TMG v8's reporting engine has been completely re-written with the principal purpose of supporting the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista (as well as continuing support for Windows 7 32-bit, Vista 32-bit, Windows XP, and Windows 2000). The revision process has allowed us to lift some previous restrictions while adding some great new features.

  • Output to word processor formats (as well as screen/printer) now support all Windows fonts.
  • A variety of new page sizes (ledger, A4, A5, etc.) are now supported.
  • The user has full control over top, bottom, left and right margins (0.0" - 4.0").
  • ANSI Text file output (as well as ASCII) is now supported.
  • A new button on the Report Definition Screen resets the default options on a report.
  • Many fixes/enhancements have been made to the HTML output.
  • The Printer Setup screen (accessed from Report Configuration > Properties) includes a new "Preferences" button.
  • The Report menu now (optionally) shows a list of the specific report configurations for each report type.
  • Maximum image size - Narrative reports that support images now have an option that will reduce the size of an image to a "Maximum output size".
  • The choices for report output types have been greatly simplified and reduced.
  • CENTER/LIND (Left Indent) codes now work in all narrative reports.
  • [CENTER:][:CENTER] and [LIND:][:LIND] codes can now encompasses one paragraph or a group of paragraphs.
  • If text that is formatted with CENTER/LIND is the last text output by a tag, or if a CR code is the last text of the tag, source citation reference numbers will now output at the end of the formatted text rather than on a new line by themselves.
  • Citation and Source Exhibits can now be output in narrative reports and controlled by several new output options.

Output to Screen and Printer

Photos and footnotes in output to the screen.
Click on the image to zoom.

Output to screen and printer includes some handy new features, many of which were only previously available when sending output to a word processor.

  • Embedded photographs.
  • Real bottom-of-the-page footnotes.
  • Endnotes at the end of the report(*)
  • Bibliography at the end of the report(*)
  • Page numbering styles.
  • Full justification.
  • The new screen preview is much more powerful:
    • Toggle between "Draft" and "Print" modes.
    • Search for text in Draft mode.
    • Mark and copy text in Draft mode, e.g., for pasting into an email.
    • 8 preset levels to zoom in/out (25% to 200%)
    • Have multiple screen output windows open at the same time.

(*) as a result, the separate "Endnotes" and "Bibliography" report types are obsolete and have been removed from the Report menu.

Output with user-defined colors and "Accents".
Click on the image to zoom.

Color-Coded Report Output

  • User-defined color changes can be embedded in memos in order to highlight specific words or phrases in reports.
  • The user can also specify foreground and background colors for each type of text (surnames, given names, dates, places, memos, etc.) in narrative reports and charts.
  • Alternatively, output names in colors according to the current screen "Accent" which is based on personal characteristics. For example:
    • Show the names of my ancestors in red ... or
    • Use red, green, and blue to distinguish people who were buried in each of the three counties that I plan to visit on a research trip ... or
    • Highlight names of people for whom I have low sureties or weak citations ... or
    • Show all surnames but redact (i.e., black on black) the given names for a few specific people ... or
    • Use colors to identify people whose photograph or tombstone I haven't yet found.
  • The colors are supported by output to screen and printer as well as to word processors, although word processors vary in the range of colors they support.

Specific Report Types

  • Pedigree charts can now be saved directly in word processors formats, including indexes, control over line color and width, and other options.
  • Other Charts (Family Group Sheet, Individual Detail, and Relationship Charts) have also been redesigned for better formatting when output to all screen, printer or file.
  • List of Citations, Sources, and Tasks are now output in a more structured format for improved formatting and alignment.
  • Family Group Sheet and Individual Detail Reports have new options to control the width and color of lines, and the color of shaded areas.
  • Relationship Chart has new options to control the width and color of lines, the color of shaded areas, and to add Primary images and borders for missing images

Data Entry / Display

Sorting the Master Source List.
Click on the image to zoom.
  • Tag Type edit - A right-click on a selected tag in the Details window will provide a menu item to edit that Tag Type.
  • The [COLOR:][:COLOR] codes can be used to specify the foreground and background colors of text.
  • The F3 and Ctrl-F3 repeat keys now work for local event Tag sentences, event Witness sentences, and Name Tag sentences.
  • Latitude/Longitude may now be entered as either decimal values or as degrees/minutes/seconds/compass values. The program will convert non-decimal Latitude/Longitude values to decimal values.
  • The Place Information and Place Mapping screens include a new "Customize" button to directly edit the files which control these features.
  • In the Tag Box, the right-click menu now includes options to control which columns are displayed.
  • Preferences now includes new options to control whether there will be warnings for: "Warn when no primary tag" and "Warn when removing the 'primary' designation for a tag".
  • Sort the Master Source List by the Cited column (the number of times each is cited).
  • Optionally show the Date and Sort Date columns at the same time on the Person View.
  • The displayed name in the Associates window of the person optionally may now be the name selected in the tag.
  • Right-click menu on the Associates window includes setting the option for showing item tips.
  • The Master Place List now displays Short Place, Start Date, End Date, and Comments, and the list may be sorted on any of these columns.
  • On the Master Place List > Edit Place screen, F3 and Ctrl-F3 repeat keys now work for a Place Comment.
  • For tag types that may have two Principals, now one can be the role "Principal" and the other some other role. Previously either both had to be "Principal" or both some other roles.
  • The names of the default Tag Type roles are translated to Dutch, German and Norwegian.
  • Tag Type role variables that pertain to the other roles existing for a given tag type have been added to the right-click menu when editing a sentence on the Tag Type Definition screen.
  • Styles on the Master Style List are now translated to Dutch, German and Norwegian.
  • The Exhibit Log has a new right-click option to choose either to display the thumbnail or the frowny face icon for missing images.
  • The formats supported by the Acquire option in the Exhibit Log has been completely revised and updated.
  • Right-click menu options include other new options to make data entry easier and faster.
Right-click on the Person View.
Click on the image to zoom.


  • Filter by the number of DNA tests for each person in the Picklist, Project Explorer, and List of People reports.
  • Filter by number of Locked Timelines
  • A filter value can now include the escape character "\" to search for a space and other special characters.
  • Search the Web features have been greatly expanded from just two sites to sixteen sites provided. Sites can be selectively enabled for searching, and each site has its own search options.


  • Data Set Manager - For a new data set created by importing or by extraction from another project, the name and data source fields for the data set is more informative.
  • Flag Manager - The names of the default flags are now translated to Dutch, German and Norwegian.
  • Validate File Integrity - additional new conditions are checked and repaired which were not checked in V7. You should run Validate File Integrity on TMG projects updated from older program versions.
  • GEDCOM export - Association GEDCOM export tag type is set to 1 EVEN 2 TYPE in new projects.


  • The Help File has been updated to reflect the new features, and the text in a number of topics has been clarified or expanded.
  • A new "Access Folders" option on the Help Menu now displays and provides direct access to the various folders where TMG stores system files.

Bug Fixes


  • Installer - The app.ini added by the installer lacked the Family Tree Maker 2008/2009 (FTM/FTMB) imports if the installer language selected is Dutch, German or Norwegian.
  • Welcome window - The Welcome window was disabled if Preferences was opened on the first program start after TMG7 was installed.


  • Import (all imports) - The Ancestor Interest and Descendant Interest flags were being set to "?" which isn't a valid default value. They will now be set to "0".
  • FTM 2008/2009 import - Non-primary name facts weren't imported.
  • FTM 2008/2009 import - The preferred name fact wasn't marked.
  • FTM 2008/2009 import - The exhibit note field wasn't imported.
  • FTM 2008/2009 import - Task categories are imported.
  • FTM 2008/2009 import - Various updates to exhibit import.
  • FTM 16 and earlier import - Import of the SEX flag was broken.
  • FTM 16 and earlier import - Step 5 of the Advanced Import Wizard was broken.
  • FTM 16 and earlier import - The place data for some events was not linked to the event. Might be specific to one user database.
  • FTM 16 and earlier import - Citation and source images were not imported.
  • FTM 16 and earlier import - There were two sources marked #1 after import.
  • GEDCOM import - A GEDCOM from Reunion could break the source import.
  • GEDCOM import - Fixed a rare abort condition when an input field is larger than what is valid in a GEDCOM.
  • Legacy import - fixed "36Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword. 1118 GBMAIN" errors.
  • Legacy import - fixed an issue where some exhibit captions didn't import.
  • Legacy import - Legacy "Name" events with no name weren't imported and are now imported as Note tags.
  • UFT import - The import from UFT databases and SQZ backups would fail when the database included no multimedia data.
  • UFT import - A large number of free notes in the database resulted in invalid citation-source links after import.
  • GEDCOM export - Prefix field was not exported to NAME tags when name parts are not selected.
  • GEDCOM export - Running a Descendent Indented Chart report with place parts abbreviated followed by a GEDCOM export would result in the GEDCOM having unintended abbreviations of place parts.
  • GEDCOM export - Exclusion markers used for the data fields on the Source Definition / General tab were not being respected in a GEDCOM export.
  • Validate File Integrity - Some file types wouldn't trip the VFI external exhibits feature. For an example, if you only had .DOC and .PDF files linked as external exhibits, the external exhibits feature wouldn't be available.
  • Validate File Integrity - Several issues occurred when you clicked [Cancel] on the "Validate File Integrity - External Exhibits" screen.
  • Custom flag values - Fixed an error when specifying certain custom flag values.
  • Accents - A cosmetic problem that occurred in the Children, Siblings, and Associates windows when the vertical line option was active was fixed.
  • Accent Conditions - Fixed "# of parents" as an accent condition.
  • Accent conditions - Fixed "# of Spouses" as an accent condition.
  • Preferences / Program Options / Custom Styles - An error originated from the default settings for this tab.
  • Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced / Slideshow - The default path would be used although a custom path had been entered.
  • Backup - Report configurations weren't backed when a subset was selected.
  • Restore Reindexing - Fixed a situation where a restored project is not automatically reindexed.


  • Filters - Various filter issues concerning escaping reserved characters are fixed.
  • Filters, special characters - Fixed error when filter value contains certain special characters.
  • Filters - The # of Citations filter gave no returns when the program language was not set to English (U.S.).


  • Person View / Tag Box - Over time, the values in the Surety column would begin to display incorrectly. The underlying issue was fixed and projects updated to Tmg8 will have the issue corrected for existing data.
  • Person View / Tag Box - An error occurred when "Filter for tags of this type" was selected.
  • Person View / Other Info box - Right-clicking and selecting "Customize 'Other Info' box..." and trying to disable or enable an item gave an error.
  • Reference field data - Fixed reference field data sorting for long values.
  • Custom Toolbar Manager - Preferences / General / Cue Cards selected, Custom toolbar, add Language, select a specific language, got an "Alias ITEMS is not found. 20 FRMCUSTOM2.MADD" error.
  • Custom Toolbar Manager - Clicking on "Button example" and selecting a button resulted in the wrong button being selected.
  • Custom Toolbar - The 'Open a specific project' custom toolbar button now works when no project is open.


  • Tag Entry screen - If a Date and Sort Date already existed and the Date is changed, when the cursor is moved to another area such as the Memo, then a message box appears asking "Update the sort date field?". If Yes is selected then the cursor turns to the hourglass. This did not revert to the normal cursor unless the cursor is clicked in a field.
  • Tag Entry - Adding formatted text (for example, from Word) into the memo field using Edit / Paste Unformatted Text gave an "Object LOC is not found. 777 MENUCOMMAND2" error.
  • Tag Entry / Name - A name display problem occurred if you added the tag with CTRL+V, changed the tag type to Name-Nick, entered the name data and saved the tag.
  • Tag Entry / Name - It was possible to make certain changes to the Father-Bio or Mother-Bio tag, then save the tag and not be able to change the primary setting.
  • Inferred Surname and GivenName in non-Primary Name tags - Were not updated when Primary name is changed from blank to non-blank, or from non-blank to blank. Non-updated V7 name tags are corrected when opened in V8.
  • Irregular dates - Fixed some irregular dates containing special characters which were not recognized as irregular.
  • Restrict Sex on role - Fixed lack of warning of improper sex when the warning for dates was disabled.
  • Witnesses with role variables - Fixed output reports to honor the order of the witnesses.
  • Simplified Picklist - Fixed display of names with Name Styles.
  • TMG 5/6 method of window resizing - Fixed memo font resizing.


  • Add Person - Adding a person with blank dates for events (which had other data entered) gave an "Function Argument Value, Type, or Count is Invalid 13 Trandate:" error.
  • Add Person - There was a display problem when using a language other than English (U.S.) after you reset the Add Person template.
  • Add Person template, memo repeat - Fixed where Ctrl-F3 failed to show the memo repeat values.
  • Add Person template, reset - Fixed a case where Reset disabled some fields.
  • Copy Person with Tasks - Fixed a situation when copying a person where the Research Tasks assigned were not copied when requested.


  • Ancestor Box Chart colors - Fixed a condition where changed colors were not saved.
  • Journal Report - The descendants report was altered so that it will run when the subject has no descendants and no Marriage tag.
  • Journal report - Fixed using bold font for surnames.
  • List of Events / Filter - The "Any citation... / Src Type..." list didn't show custom source types.
  • List of Events / Filter - Using the filter "Sort Date - Day = 01" gave a "Variable 'LCMEMOFIELD' is not found. 515 XFILTER_EVTCIT" error.
  • List of People filter - Fixed the "contains" / "does not contain" operators to find text unique to a given role in a default sentence.
  • List of People, Century field - Fixed the error produced when the "Century" field is selected for output.
  • List of Sources / Filter - The "Repository... Number =" filter produced an "Operator/operand type mismatch. 299 error.XFILTERSOURCE" error.
  • List of Sources / Filter - Using the filter "Source Type is" with a custom source type gave a "File is in use. 28 XFILTERSOURCE" error.
  • Pedigree report - Word would endlessly repaginate a pedigree report.
  • Relationship Chart - Removed empty boxes which sometimes were produced following the last person in the line.
  • LIND formatting codes - Fixed some cases where the codes did not indent.
  • Narrative reports - Footnote/endnote reference numbers now appear in their proper place when a tag sentence ends in a carriage return.
  • EM and EN dashes - Fixed the report output of these special characters.
  • [HTML:][:HTML] - The text between the codes was not being output correctly.


  • Associates window - The window was empty when it should not have been if opened from the Window menu.


  • Master Source List - Merge - When merging sources, you could get an "Alias is not found. 7 FRMMERGERS.MUPDATECITCOUNT" error.
  • Short Places - Short places are not generated based on the short place template for places that lack short place data.
  • Master Tag Type List - After selecting a tag type with custom roles, clicking [Add], editing the tag type, selecting a custom role and clicking [Delete] gave an "Operator/operand type mismatch. 17 TAGTYPEDEFINITION.MSYNCARRAYS" error.
  • Tag Types - The Norwegian witness sentence translations for Baptism and Christening were fixed.
  • Tag Types - The Norwegian sentences for Marriage were updated.
  • Tag Type, minimum/maximum date - Prevent the situation where minimum date is greater than maximum date so that no date is acceptable.
  • Tag Type Definition / Name tags / Sentences - The right-click menu showed event sentence options rather than name sentence options.
  • Source Types - When selecting any of the special book source types from the General tab when editing an existing source, the source type was set to Book (Authored) rather than to the selected source type.
  • When source types were initialized or a new project was created using Welcome / New, the "Book (Author Unindentified but Known)" and "Book (Author Unknown)" source types had an error in the templates.
  • Source Definition Screen - a single escaped (unbalanced) character such as "\[" would result in the General tab not being properly constructed when you created this situation and then changed from the Output form tab to the General tab.
  • Research Log - Unable to edit a task when there were disabled data sets.
  • Research Log - Tasks for other than the current data set were showing.
  • Research Task - Linking a task to a source and saving produced an error, "1881Error with lbl_1 - Caption : String is too long to fit. 3 FRMRESLOGTMG2.CONINF.LBL_1.CAPTION_ASSIGN" error.
  • Research Task, irregular date - Fixed a condition where you could not Cancel out of a Task while a date value was still irregular.
  • Exhibit Log - Exhibit selected having no caption and the point is in the caption field. An error occurred if the Exhibit Log was resized.
  • Exhibit Log - Fixed the ability to add Web archive files (.MHT) as exhibits.
  • Exhibit Log - View/Edit - The image rotation function was broken.
  • DNA Fingerprint window - A number of tabbing issues were resolved.
  • Slideshow Manager - If you accessed the Slideshow Manager from a project with no slideshows, it sometimes led to an error, "Unknown member AFORMS. 15 TMGAPPOBJ.MTURNITEMTIPS" error.
  • Text Editor - A form error occurred when viewing the import error log.
  • Calendar - Opening the Calendar using <F11> and then typing <F11> again gave an "Object GOCALENDAR is not found. 6 MENUOBJTMG.MCALENDAR" error.
  • External Utilities - Trying to run applications having parentheses in their program paths as external utilities wouldn't work.


  • Help - Many help topics were revised or updated in addition to the new program features being added.
  • Message Manager - An error could occur when the Message Manager was running during program startup.
  • Check for an update - The error "No application in c:\program files\the master genealogist v7 is associated with the update engine so it cannot check for updates." was eliminated by replacing the installer.


  • Fixed a variety of other more rare and esoteric bugs as reported by users.

In Development / Known Issues

  • Report Definition Screen - WordPerfect report output is still in development and has been hidden until completed.
  • Reports / Options / Exhibit tab - The option to output People/Event exhibits directly to footnotes and endnotes is disabled until a number of issues are resolved. However, this does not restrict the new options (mentioned above) to output citation exhibits and source exhibits to footnotes/endnotes. That is, if the exhibits option is set to "Embedded" and "Include citation exhibits" is selected, then exhibit(s) that are attached to citations will be embedded in the footnote/endnote. Likewise for exhibit(s) that are attached to sources if "Include source exhibits" is selected.

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