The Master Genealogist UK (Gold and Silver) Edition

This special edition of TMG is configured for people whose principal research interests are in the United Kingdom. It supports new UK-style drop-line charts and a long list of special customisations designed by UK researchers.

The distinguishing features of the UK Edition are itemized below.

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Introduction to the UK Edition

The "UK Edition" is a set of special UK-oriented customisations that are automatically applied to a standard installation of The Master Genealogist. All of the characteristics of the standard product therefore also apply to the UK Edition except as described below.

New UK-Style Charts

The Master Genealogist now supports Descendant Box Charts (aka "drop-line charts") and Hourglass Charts with a line style which is standard among UK researchers.

In the "U.S. Line Style", spouses are offset from the descendant and children lines descend from the spouse box. All spouses are to the right of the descendant.

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In the "UK Line Style", spouses are adjacent to the descendant and connected with a double line. Children lines then descend from the middle of the spouse line. If there is more than one spouse, then the first spouse is to the left of the descendant.

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(These are very simple examples. Boxes can be generated without borders, among many other options).

To control line style for a chart, access the Report Definition Screen, click on Options, and click on the Lines tab.

Although geared towards UK audiences, these new chart styles are available in all installations of TMG (v5.15 and later) and do not require the UK Edition.

Distinguishing Features of the UK Edition

The UK Edition exhibits the following distinctive characteristics:

  • The splash screen and Help>About screen say "UK Gold Edition" or "UK Silver Edition".
  • An additional "language" called "English (U.K.)" is installed automatically and selected by default. It reflects UK spellings and phrases on the screens and menus.
  • Five new UK-oriented timelines are automatically installed.
       UK parish timelines
       UK Census dates
       G.R.O. dates
       British Prime Ministers
       British History
  • The internal spell checker supports 200+ additional UK spellings.
  • The state/province abbreviations, web place information, and web mapping features are updated to support Chapman codes.
  • The following Preferences > Program Options are customised :
       Collation Sequence=General
       Short Place Template=<[L3], ><[L4], ><[L5]>
       Source Categories=Custom
       Mapping Country=United Kingdom
       Validate LAT/LONG value=OFF
  • A new Sample project uses UK tag types, styles, and source categories.
  • Help files, quick tips, and electronic Users Guide) which has been customised for a UK audience.
  • The Help > About window includes a new button which gives credit to some of the UK beta testers.

In addition, any new data sets, will reflect:

  • 82 Custom UK source categories (including Apprenticeship records, GRO indexes, and others)
  • Custom source elements in support of those custom source types
  • A "UK Standard Name" style
  • A "UK Standard Place" style
  • Custom tag types, roles, and sentences, including:
    Census 1841
    Census 1851
    Census 1861
    Census 1871
    Census 1881
    Census 1891
    Census 1901
    Death Reg
    Birth Reg
    Marr Reg
  • The Preferences > Current Project Option > Other > Currency Character is customised to use GBP.


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