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Got Charts?

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A chart printing service for users of The Master Genealogist, Family Tree SuperTools and other software that produces large charts.

Now you can get a beautiful wall chart to showcase your family research for as little as $19.95!

How Does it Work?

You design the chart and send it to us in an electronic format. Then we'll print it on heavy-duty paper with a large-format high-resolution color printer and ship it to you in a protective tube.

The result will be a fabulous wall chart that you will be proud to hang on your wall or display at a family reunion. We even have quantity discounts so that you can share the charts with family members!

Sample chart

What file format?

You can submit your chart in any of the following formats:

  • The Master Genealogist (*.vch)
  • Family Tree SuperTools (*.vch)
  • Family Tree Maker (*.ftw)
  • Generations (*.uds)
  • RootsMagic (*.rmc)
  • Legacy Charting Companion (*.pdf)
  • PAF Charting Companion (*.pdf)

If you use any other genealogy software or utility that permits you to save a completed chart to a file, then contact us before placing an order to verify that we can print it.

Why not GEDCOM?Sample fan chart

The reason we can offer such incredibly low prices is that we don't do the work of designing your chart - you do. You make all of the decisions about chart orientation, fonts, colors, etc., and then 'print preview' the chart - also ensuring that you'll be completely happy with the result.

And because you only e-mail us a graphic chart, you donít have to worry about ...

  • a complicated data extraction and export process
  • GEDCOM version or compatibility issues
  • manipulated or misinterpreted data
  • the risk that your data may be redistributed or sold on a CD-ROM!

What Size is Your Chart?

The price of printing your chart is based on its ACTUAL SIZE. To determine the size of your chart, multiple its height (in inches) by its width (in inches).

Chart Type Maximum Size Example
Small Chart 1296 square inches 3 ft x 3 ft
Large Chart 4320 square inches 3 ft x 10 ft
Jumbo Chart 12960 square inches 3 ft x 25 ft

For instance, if your chart is:
36" high by 36" wide = 36 x 36 = 1296 square inches = Small Chart
34" high by 96" wide = 34 x 96 = 3264 square inches = Large Chart
136" high by 24"wide = 136 x 24 = 3264 square inches = Large Chart

Notice that a chart is classified by its combined area - so although a 34"x96" chart and a 136"x24" chart have very different shapes, they are both classified as "Large Charts" because they comprise the same number of total square inches (< 4320).

Note that we do NOT enlarge or shrink your chart. We print it in exactly the dimensions in which it is submitted to us.

The maximum chart size supported by our printing service is 3 ft x 25 ft.

How/where do I send my chart file?

After completing your order, please proceed to the Chart Upload Page to send us your chart file(s). Note that you will need the order number from your completed invoice to upload a chart.


For questions that are not answered here, please contact support@whollygenes.com.

Ready to Order?

Determine the size of your chart as described above. Note: Do not place an order until AFTER you have designed a chart with your genealogy software. Your choice below should be based on the ACTUAL SIZE of the chart that you have designed.

Again, we do NOT enlarge or shrink your chart. We print it in exactly the dimensions in which you design it and submit it to us (i.e., if you want a larger chart then you must design a larger chart).

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12960 sq. in.



Write to us for a quote!


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