Family Tree SuperTools v2

Family Tree SuperTools™ offers powerful wall charting features and many other exciting add-ons to users of the most popular family tree programs.

  • Companion Software
    Family Tree SuperTools works directly with your family tree program so there is no need to change software. After adding or editing data in your family tree program, simply click on "Refresh" to bring Family Tree SuperTools up-to-date.

  • Project Management Tools
    Family Tree SuperTools allows you import your own data plus that from other researchers and see/compare them without actually merging them together. Manage multiple independent data sets within the same project. View data sets from different researchers and/or different programs in one master alphabetical list. Ideal for coordinating and comparing data with other researchers.

  • One-click Web Searches
    Search for selected people among the largest family tree databases, including,,, and Search multiple sites at the same time for individuals or groups of names, including all spelling variations. Access free web services to produce a map or get detailed information about a place. No more data entry on web forms - just point and click!

  • Multimedia Slideshows
    Produce slideshows with pictures, video, sound, and text taken directly from your project or by drag-and-drop from the Windows Explorer. Control special effects, timing between frames, transitions, etc. Includes a free viewer to send completed slideshows to relatives on a CD-ROM.

  • Timelines
    See the big picture by displaying the events in your ancestors' lives in the context of history. Dozens of timelines are included and you can download others from the web.

  • Turbo Searching Tools
    Use the industry's most powerful "AND/OR" filtering functions to find people based on simple characteristics or a complex combination of settings. (e.g., Find male descendants of John Smith who were born in Virginia or West Virginia before 1840, died in Tennessee after 1860, and had at least three sons). Fill-in-the-blank searches lets you design variable conditions and flexible filters. A "Query By Example" screen is a shortcut to the most common kinds of searches and provides a simple way to learn how to do more sophisticated ones. Save customized filters and reuse them later.

  • Heirloom-Quality Wall Charts
    Family Tree SuperTools includes an integrated copy of Visual Chartform™, the powerful chart-making utility. Create ancestor, descendant box, and hourglass charts in any orientation. Create fan charts from a small segment up to full-circle in any orientation.

    Click-n-drag any object on a box chart, edit text/titles, rotate boxes, add additional images or boxes, draw additional connection lines, etc. You can modify the properties of objects individually or in groups and control their layering, grouping, etc. Editing features include any-level zoom, snap to grid, skip page breaks, and much more.

    Use dozens of simple or fancy frames that are provided or design your own! Designate which color or frame to use for each box based on person characteristics (e.g., males/females, your direct ancestors, Civil War veterans, etc.).

    Drag-n-drop charts together to combine them. Cut/paste them directly into Microsoft Word and other Windows programs. Print/preview charts or export them to JPG, BMP, or other formats.

  • Wall Chart Printing Service
    Got charts? After you design a chart with Family Tree SuperTools, our integrated service will print them on a high-quality large-format color printer (up to 3'x25') at prices starting at just $19.95 per chart. Point and click in Family Tree SuperTools to submit charts securely over the web for the fastest turn-around.

  • Color Tools
    Use color to your advantage! Display the names of people on the screen in different colors to denote selected characteristics. Specify any number of these "accent" conditions (e.g., direct ancestors of specified people, people born in Virginia, people who died or were buried in Massachusetts, etc.) each with its own color. Save and restore or easily switch between sets of accent conditions.

  • Customizable Interface
    Use the default screen layout or design one to suit your preference. Change the size, shape, position, and background color of each window. Design a custom toolbar to include buttons for your favorite features. Save and easily restore custom screen layouts. Switch between layouts for different purposes or different researchers in the household.

  • Simultaneous Access
    Family Tree SuperTools is multi-user and network ready. Multiple researchers in the household can access the same project at the same time over a home network.

  • Plus...many more features!

Important Note to TMG Users:
Family Tree SuperTools is not designed for you! If you have the most recent version of The Master Genealogist, then you already have the features that are built into Family Tree SuperTools.

Since Family Tree SuperTools can exchange data directly with TMG, however, it makes a great gift for non-TMG researchers with whom you want to share data.

Family Tree SuperTools uses GenBridge™ import technology to read data directly from a long list of family tree programs (no GEDCOM required), including:

  • The Master Genealogist™ (TMG) (see note =>)
  • Family Tree Maker™
  • Personal Ancestral File™
  • Ultimate Family Tree™
  • Family Origins™
  • Generations™
  • Legacy™
  • and other products.

GEDCOM is also supported but our integrated import technology almost always produces better results.

The UK Edition adds timelines from the United Kingdom, supports UK-style drop charts, and uses British spellings in the interface (e.g., colour).

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Family Tree SuperTools, The Master Genealogist, GenBridge, and Visual Chartform are trademarks of Wholly Genes, Inc. All other products are trademarks of their respective holders.

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