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The Master Genealogist (TMG) has been discontinued. Official technical support will be discontinued on 31 Dec 2014 but user-to-user support will remain available on the Community Forum and TMG-L discussion list, among other online resources.

For the time being, the product and updates will remain available in the interest of researchers who want to communicate their data to family members or upgrade to the latest version. It is made available with the understanding that, while there may be additional bug fixes before the end of the year, there will be no more development of new features.

See the newsletter for more information.


The Master Genealogist (or "TMG") v9 is the gold standard in family history software. Used by novices and professional researchers alike, the latest version reinforces TMG's reputation as the most powerful family history project manager on the market while adding many new features to make it easier and fun to use.

Whether you are a weekend hobbyist or a professional researcher, TMG comes with everything you need to:

  • manage volumes of research data, photos, and sources;
  • organize a research trip, including "To Do" lists, reference material, charts, and forms;
  • track your correspondence and expenses;
  • be the hit of a family reunion!
  • create a web page;
  • ... or publish a book, complete with table of contents, footnotes, multiple indexes, and bibliography!

Bring your data with you!
Although GEDCOM is supported, TMG's GenBridge™ import technology does a much better job of transferring your data in most cases. Import directly from Family Tree Maker™, Personal Ancestral File (PAF)™, and other programs.

Ultimate Flexibility
The Master Genealogist is limited only by your imagination. You can customize data entry through user-defined event, name, and relationship types. Almost every aspect of the working environment can also be customized, including fonts, colors, and the size and position of windows.

Professional tools
TMG was designed by experienced genealogists who understand and prepare you for common research problems, including adoptions, name changes, conflicting evidence, and multiple lines of descent.

Tools for novice researchers
Despite the unmatched power of TMG, it is designed with features to let the novice get started quickly and grow into the more advanced features. Wizards, "Cue Cards", data-entry templates, ditto keys, macros, and other features make TMG easy to learn and use.

Unbeatable reports!
TMG includes dozens of preconfigured reports, including narratives, forms, charts, and lists. You can also customize any report and save it with a new name so that you can easily use the same settings again. Additional publication tools give authors maximum control.

Supercharged searches
Are you trying to find people in your data who were named SMITH, born in Maryland or Virginia after 1800, lived in Tennessee or Kentucky, had two or more sons, and died at the age of 75 or higher? TMG's searching features provide unparalleled power and flexibility, including user-defined filter conditions, AND/OR logic, and thousands of other options.

Web integration
The Internet is a great resource for researchers and provides a way for you to easily share your efforts with others. TMG includes a variety of Internet search and publication tools.

Images, sound, movies, and other multimedia add flavor to your research and bring your family to life. You can link multimedia to people, events, sources, and repositories. You can even build multimedia slideshows and distribute them to your family members!

When it comes to tracking your sources, The Master Genealogist really shines! Data-entry templates make it easy to record your sources and produce professional output. The Master Genealogist accommodates the highest academic standards.

Special Features
The Master Genealogist includes a variety of powerful features that are not found in typical family history programs. These features help you to coordinate with other researchers, analyze your data, see your family in the context of history, and see the "big picture."

The Difference between Silver and Gold Editions
The Gold Edition is our top-of-the-line product. The Silver Edition has all of the same data-entry functions but without some of the more advanced research and publication tools.

Learn more...

The Difference between U.S. and UK Editions.
The U.S. Edition has standard event types, source types, and chart layouts. In the UK Edition, these features and others are pre-configured for people whose principal research interests are in the United Kingdom. Learn more...

Hardware Requirements

The Master Genealogist requires a Pentium 166 with 64 Megs of RAM (256 recommended) running Windows 2000, XP, Win7, or Vista. A screen resolution of at least 1024x768 is strongly recommended. Web searching and chart uploading features require an Internet connection.


Companion Products

The popularity of The Master Genealogist has led to a number of companion products that are produced by other companies. Those products are designed specifically for TMG users and include a book, video training tapes, web development tools, and companion software for handheld computers. See the menu at the top-left of this screen for a list of companion products, training/education products, and more.


The CD-ROM version of TMG includes a free copy of "The Universal British Directory of Great Britain 1791" from Archive CD Books.

Digitized from five huge volumes, this is the earliest directory for Great Britain and is among the most important resources for those researching ancestors in the United Kingdom.

It includes excellent descriptions of towns and villages of the time and those residents with trades (even farmers, hay-binders, labourers, bakers, shop keepers, etc.) and their addresses.

Although titled "Great Britain," this directory covers places in England and Wales. Volume 1 is devoted to London, volumes 2 to 4 cover the places in England and Wales in alphabetical order, and vol 5 contains a number of the subsequent amendments that were published in the next few years.

BONUS - DISCOUNT CODE: If you purchase the Gold Edition, you will also receive a discount code entitling you to 50% OFF your first order from our wall chart printing service. Display your family tree on a beautiful wall chart at your next family reunion. Or wallpaper your "family room" with a chart of your family! To obtain your discount code, install the software and then access the "Message Manager" on the Help menu. Requires an internet connection.


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