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  1. Hi, Virginia, Yes, there are quite a few there since Feb. 19th. They each say: "Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2012.02.23 09:54:22 AM. Error log file: C:WINDOWSsystem32vfp7rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 595 {C:Program FilesThe Master Genealogisttmgprogramstmgmain.prg c:program filesthe master genealogisttmg.exe}." So, I guess line 595 is the problem area? The earliest entry dates from 2010, then some in 2011 (about a year ago) although I don't recall the system crashing that often before. All of the error messages except one seem to be the same line 595 problem (as quoted above). The exception dates from 6 Dec 2011 and runs: "Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2011.12.06 09:28:48 PM. Error log file: C:WINDOWSsystem32vfp7rerr.log Called from - messagebox2 line 110 {C:Program FilesThe Master Genealogistcommonprogramsmessagebox2.prg messagebox2.fxp} Called from - menuobjtmg.mdeleteeventtag line 333 {c:program filesthe master genealogistlibsappobjtmg.vct c:program filesthe master genealogistlibsappobjtmg.vct} Called from - tmrmds.timer line 173 {c:program filescommonlibspview.vct c:program filescommonlibspview.vct} Called from - tmgmain line 595 {C:Program FilesThe Master Genealogisttmgprogramstmgmain.prg c:program filesthe master genealogisttmg.exe}" Mike, thanks for the suggestion and information about exhibits--something I've not yet played around with. Have thought it would be very useful for images of census records, photos of tombstones (esp. from Findagrave), etc. Again thans for everyone's help and consideration. Sam
  2. P.S. Have used the file integrity function too after it crashes, but it says everything is fine, so that's been a relief.
  3. Hi, Virginia, Thanks for taking the time for replying to someone using such an old version. Btw, I look at the Rootsweb site several times a week, but hesitate to subscribe because of the volume, but I enjoy it immensely, even rummaging through posts from the past several years at times and finding gems of knowledge there. Wish there were a way to submit queries/comments off-line, but understand the problem of spam and all that. Am using Windows XP Home ed., SP 3. Am entering a lot of data in a Note tag I've created. I prefer using a Note tag for bibliographical purposes and also I strongly prefer to quote whatever it is I've found in various sources, so I might have something like: 1. Xxx family database, 2012-02-23 (Info......) 2. 1880 census, X Twp., York Co Pa .... (info .....) and so on. Some Note tags can be large (for example, if I include the text of an obituary I've found), some just a few lines. Hmm, is there perhaps some kind of limit on how large a memo can be, that is, a limit on the number of characters? Perhaps I should make more than one Note tag instead? It is quite startling when it crashes--as I wrote earlier, the speakers go "BOOM" and TMG just vanishes, except the one time something flashed on the screen about FoxPro. Perhaps that is the cause? Thank you very much! I'm more concerned about losing everything, but so far (knock on wood, toi, toi unberufen!) have not. And yep, I now back everything up several times a day if I've been doing a lot of inputting. Sam
  4. Hi, During the past several days all of a sudden TMG just goes "boom" and then disappears. Once, very briefly I saw an error message about FoxPro before it vanished. Fortunatley, it does not appear I've lost any work, but it seems to happen repeatedly now, even if I close the program every 20 minutes or so and reopen and then continue working. Should I re-install the version I have? Is there some kind of buffer in FoxPro that I'm overflowing? (Am entering a lot of data in the memo area of one tag). Thanks for any help. Sam P.S. Hah, wonder if anyone will read this???
  5. Have Windows XP home ed., SP3. Sent an email to Whollygenes tech support and apparently they no longer support version 6 and suggested I download a trial version of TMG 7. Whatever happened has also apparently corrupted the integrity of dataset 1 so that now Second Site does not operate correctly. Seems I can have the Name and Master (Name) indices, but cannot generate a Place Master index. Get that only if I want to generate the Place Master index alone. It worked fine before I tried to copy these 414 people to dataset 1--all three indices were there. And yes, I optimized, validated the file integrity, more than once. Sheesh.
  6. Hi, I imported a GEDCOM file (which became dataset 4) into my project. I created a focus group of 414 people descended from one man in dataset 4 in order to copy them into dataset 1. When I try to copy them into dataset 1, by clicking on "Copy person(s)" and following the instructions there, I get error messages: "File access is denied c:\the master genealogist\clone.dbf .... 199 CLONEIT" or if I click on ignore or retry, I get: "File access denied ... \clone.fpt .... 200 CLONEIT" or something similar. Only one person was copied into dataset 1, the ancestor of the other 413. Any idea of what is wrong? What is the clone.dbf/fpt?? Should I contact tech support for this? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi, Individual Narrative and Journal reports are the two I've been fiddling around with. Guess I will stick with -b., -d., -m. If worse comes to worst and I ever really print anything permanent out, can use a word processor to strip out the "-". As regards the Source-colon problem, even tried using two hyphens (Source--), but still end up with "Source--;" as a result. Strange. Guess I could also simply type in "Source:" each time I add something to the Note tag and omit it from the sentence. Thanks to you both for your advice and time.
  8. Is there any way to force TMG to start a sentence with b., d., or m.? Have tweaked TMG and gotten rid of the "He/she was born ... married ... died" sentences. Prefer just to say "b. date place", etc., but TMG starts each sentence with B., D., M. Have resorted to putting a hyphen in front and that seems to work: -b. date place. One other oddity. Have created a Note tag which has as its sentence Source: (that is, Source-colon), but for some reason in reports, it always comes out as Source; (Source semi-colon). Colons do show up correctly elsewhere if used in any text after the "Source;" So any idea of what the problem is here? Thanks for any help. Oh, and I wish there were a way to send queries to the TMG-Roots list without subscribing to it. I like to browse through it once or twice a week, but it is way too busy to get even in digest form, I think.
  9. Hi, Not much of a drinker, but yeah, I'll join you! First couple of rounds are on me. However, please try the suggestion Terry gave me in answer to my questions about adding parents & children to the individual narrative: sentence: [P] [PAR] In the individual narrative, it produces what I wanted: Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith and Mary Jones. I fiddled around with the above entry in my TMG and found that if delete the link to the mother, then "[P] [PAR]" automatically produces: Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith. So, TMG automatically adjusts the produced sentence for son/daughter and omits unknown information. I also assume you are trying to do this in the individual narrative report. Not sure what it might produce elsewhere, but try it and let us know if individual narrative is not what you are working with. Thanks again to Terry for showing the way. Sam
  10. Terry, A thousand thanks! That worked like a charm. I now get: Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith and Mary Jones. Yes, I know it will be labor intensive to do it this way, but well, over the years I've toyed with the idea of having a "biographical dictionary" approach to genealogy, not the married-begat family-centered kind. So, I think using the individual narrative approach exported to a word processor is the way to go. Have not yet downloaded TMG Utility to the computer (not connected to the internet) on which I have TMG, so that may make that part a bit easier. Thanks again! Sam
  11. Hello, everyone, In fiddling around with TMG and bending it to do things the way I prefer, I want to make the individual narrative include the names of the parents as well as the names of the children. What I have figured out so far is to create a couple of new tags: A-Par (with sort date a year before birth or other earliest date if birth year is unknown; sentence= [PAR]) and A-Ch_of (with sort date years beyond last dates known, e.g, 1950 for 18th and 19th century people; sentence=They had the following children: [WO]). In order to get the children included in the A-Ch_of tag, I simply put them down as witnesses. Here is an example of what happens so far: (including messy TMG punctuation which I can of course change with the word processor): Elizabeth Smith. , daughter of John Smith and Mary Jones. She was born ... She married Thomas Johnson. She died ... She is buried at .... They had the following children: Samuel Johnson, Mary Ann Johnson, Rebecca Johnson... By the way, I had to add a sort date to the marriage if I did not have one because otherwise I would get: Elizabeth Smith married Thomas Johnson. , daughter of John Smith and Mary Jones. So that means (I think!) I have to add a sort date to all undated information otherwise? As for the children, am puzzled that whereas there is a handy PAR tag to add, there is no CHI tag to use?? I would also like, if possible, to have the “following children” sentence give just the given names. Ideally, it would run: “They had the following children (all surnamed Johnson): Samuel, Mary Ann, Rebecca,” but I can live with it as it now stands. At any rate, my question to everyone is whether this information can be included automatically somehow by TMG itself? I don’t want to go to all this trouble if it can be done automatically. I’m surprised this information cannot be automatically generated by TMG itself, or at least the names of parents. Oh, and is there a way to globally add a tag to every person in the database? That is, add the A-Par tag to everyone? (And I guess it should be <[PAR]> to cover those individuals whose parents are unknown? Thanks in advance for any help provided. Sam P.S. I have added “A-“ to the tags I use most often rather than scroll down that darned list. This way they all are at the top of the tag list. Wonder what the "CHILD-BIO" tag does?
  12. I thought by subscribing to this forum, that the messages would be sent to an outside account, but apparently not. Is there a way to have the messages sent to an outside account? I had subscribed to the rootsweb list, but when I realized that meant about 2,000 messages a month, I thought, Whoah--no way--and unsubbed real fast! I don't see the advantage of "subscribing to this forum," if it means that I have to log in here to see them. Thanks in advance. Sam
  13. Thanks for the information. And right before going to bed last night I checked the manual under hot keys and found the F9 key shortcut. Have of course been using F3 constantly, but never thought to see what the other F-keys had to offer. Sam
  14. I've owned various versions of TMG for years, but have never really used it until the past few weeks. Have always been horrified at the thought of inputting twenty or more binders of info on various families (all that typing plus all that proofreading!) plus info from heaven-knows how many photocopies I've collected through the years (am sure if I piled them up there would be at least six feet of photocopies) plus all the stuff I've entered in WordPerfect documents or AskSam databases, etc., etc. Have also wanted to use TMG as an indexing tool for various records/books I'm interested in and always thought if I type it once, why should I have to type it twice? I'm somewhat more interested in the genealogy of certain counties rather than just my own families. But as I'm certainly not getting any younger, I decided a few weeks ago to actually sit down and play around with it. So far have managed to input nearly one who loose-leaf binder so far. (Have yet to proofread it thoroughly though). And I have also sort of figured out how to use the List of citations to create an index of sorts for some marriage licenses I once copied. Have played around also with the various reports available too--some I like, some are clunky. At any rate, I have questions about various things and hope to find some answers from this forum. I assume it's best to ask one or two questions at a time, not 20 in one post? Or if not answers, perhaps it will give the TMG developers some ideas for improvement. So ... here's my first one (or two): I prefer key strokes to moving the mouse and on most screens it seems you cannot simply hit "enter" and close the box or form. For example, on the citation box, you have to click ok twice instead of being able to hit simply the enter key. Same is true on the basic form when first entering info about an individual--sometimes all you have is a name or at best a date, but instead of simply hitting "enter," you have to use the mouse to click ok. Is there some way to speed this up? Some kind of hot key I can set up? I wondered why the numeric-enter key could not be used for this. When entering data about two people who are married, why can't I enter all data for both of them on one form and let TMG create two separate IDs? Is there a way to do this? That would speed things up too. (This question comes from entering a couple of hundred marriage licenses at one time). Hope no one minds a bunch of questions the next few weeks as I toddle/stumble around TMG. There are features I definitely like; others, yuck. For example, guess I am what is termed a "lumper"(?), but seems to me there are waaaaaay too many hair splitting/angels on a pin kind of disputations about citing bibliographical information. Thanks. Sam P.S. And Messers Riegel and Hoffman's websites are awesome!