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  1. Virus in TMG viewer?

    Yes I have had that problem with AVG and the tmgss file.
  2. Merging Placenames

    To merge duplicate places you need to run the Optimise from File, Maintenance. Any places which are identical will be merged. The Help files say the following which helps understand why some won't merge. For two place records to be considered duplicates, all fields must be the same. This includes the Style, if one was used to create some of the entries. It is possible, for example, for two Master Place records to appear identical, but to have been generated using different Styles. Optimising will not remove unused place records for which a start year, end year, comment, or short place name have been recorded.
  3. V7 Hang up on start

    Has anyone having the problem tried starting the pc in safe mode, connecting to the internet and then opening TMG to see if the problem still occurs. In safe mode the firewall is not loaded so if the problem does occur then that rules out firewall. If it doesn't then it points to the firewall.
  4. Baptism/Marriage/Burial events

    John, Thanks for this. It's a very good way to handle these and I changed my sentences straight away.
  5. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Hi Judy, In my experience you get this message because it is not a pdf file but another format which has been named .pdf. So can you describe the process you are following to produce the pdf file. Also can you say what version of Adobe Reader you have on your pc.
  6. Back up problem

    You're welcome
  7. Back up problem

    If E: is a CD drive then you cannot write directly to a CD when backing up in TMG unless your CD writing software allows direct access. You should backup to the C drive and copy onto the CD.
  8. Check for Duplicate People

    Hi Jack, I see the same thing and will pass the issue on.
  9. Databse Corruption

    You've probably done this by now but since it thinks files are still being used, have you closed the pc down, left for about 20 seconds and restarted. If that works then Optimise and Validate.
  10. Restore Problems

    It sounds like you are wanting to do is have a set of data on each pc, work on both and then transfer the data from pc1 to pc2 without losing everthing you've done on pc2. It is not possible unfortunately . If you wish to work on 2 pcs then you can only have one set of data which you backup and restore between them.
  11. Unable to Print Report to PDF

    Are you trying to print the report or run it to a file and select a pdf format?
  12. Structure Version is Missing Error

    Thanks Virginia, I will search the forum. It was a phrase I couldn't recall reading so hadn't actually searched. If I had I could probably have found the answer straight away.
  13. Intermittently recently when opening TMG6.12 I have got the message "Structure Version is missing. Please contact tech support for assistance". click OK and it closes. opening the program again gives the welcome screen and I'm able to open my last project. run VFI and it's OK. The program is fine for a while and then repeats. Any suggestions
  14. Duplicate Entry Warning

    Look at http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...?showtopic=7945 which has the list of proposed features for v7. It is 4 entries down.
  15. Removing a phantom Source

    John, If you haven't already done it then you should Reindex, Optimise and Validate (VFI) to see if it fixes the problem.