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  1. Old PJC

    I am doing a little computer cleaning house. I have a list of all PJC files on both new and old computers. On my new computer I have a file called c:\program files\the master genealogist\projects\fry_young__.pjc. When I try to open this file I get this attached warning: "You are trying to open a project that is located in the Program Files tree that is reserved for program files. For you to access ths project, you need to copy or move this project to a folder located in either your user space or in common user space." What files besides fry_young__*.* do I move? Moving the files is not the issue, making sure I get all the files is my concern. tia hf
  2. SmartPhones

    Do the compainion products work with any smartphones say a blackberry or iphone? Or is that a whole different operating system? tia I should know this answer, but I'm suffering from CRS today.
  3. Copying Reference field to Citation Detail

    Thanks for the info. John Cardnial has also emailed me on the mailing list with similar instructions. I would some day like to get them moved. I would open the database and change it there, but I don't know how TMG would react. (no, Bob, I won't.) thanks for the help hf
  4. I completed a transcription of a 700 page genealogy recently into TMG. Now that I'm done, I was thinking that maybe I should have done one thing differently. I made one master source for the transcription. When I entered it in the cite I placed the page number in the Reference field at the bottom. "Page xxx" Now, as an afterthought I think maybe I should have placed it in the CD or CM. Is there a way to copy the contents of reference field in the cite to the CD or CM globablly? Is TMG Utility capable of doing this. If this isn't possible, is it possible for the reference field to show in all reports as part of the cite? thanks hf
  5. Duplicate Entry Warning

    As I do my data entry....................HURRY!
  6. Duplicate Entry Warning

    Thank you! hf
  7. First I apologize, I know I've seen this topic before, but I can't find it. Maybe it was on the user list. When adding a new person, does TMG ever warn that the entry might be a duplicate entry when the name is the same as one already in the database? TIA hf
  8. TMG and Ancestory.com

    first of all...............argh, i lost my replay i had written....hate it when i do that jgr and terry thanks for the thoughts, all are good. i thought at first i was sitting out in left field by myself. i am still in the experimental stage of my imports/merge i have limited my experimentations to small groups, no more than mother/father and children. limiting the infor i import/merge to only census data. so far the sources and citations seem to good. i don't see any problems, but i just tried a few groups to start. merging is not a problem since the groups are so small wait till i hit a family with 19 kids, i might change my mind on that i like that i can save an image of the census document and attach. i think that was one of my more driving forces to try this. the lack of copies i had of certain censuses. i have found errors in the ancestry.com databases mostly typos/misspelled names. i am not using any oneworldtree data i have found several errors there i may mark the info as interesting, but not using it for this experiment at all. i've submitted corrections and they do show up about 24 hours later. this is still very experimental, so "kids don't try this at home" opinions and thoughts are greatly appreciated thanks again hf
  9. OK, I have a theory about Ancestory.com and TMG. I need opinions before I proceed. I have a branch of my family I have traced in Ancestory.com only using the census records. No trees submitted by others or any other records, strictly census records. I was looking to collect all the census records I was missing for that branch of the family. I've now exported this file from Ancestory.com to a GED file. If I import the GED to an empty project, then merge the two projects matching entries I've already made. Importing the correct census data as sources along with the people I import/merge. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?
  10. Large Project to Data Sets

    - You cannot link the people in separate data sets, which means you cannot include them in the same ancestor and descendant charts and reports. Right there answers my question. Thanks for insight!
  11. Program shuts down

    There is an issue with XP, Messenger and IE7 doing that same thing. I have experienced the shut down of TMG several times at home. Always when IE7 is opened. I uninstalled Messenger, that helped a little. You might check the event viewer in Administrative Tools of XP to see if an event or security issue was logged at the same time as the shut down. In my situation, IE7 was open. HF
  12. Experience - Lurker - Not much real-time experience in the program. Good computer skills I have a large project, everyone is lumped into one data set. I think I would feel better if it was broken down into smaller data sets. What's the best process for this? Is this realistic? Thanks HF
  13. Many will probably be buying new computers for Christmas. Which includes me! Is there a step-by-step proper process for transferring TMG program and user files from old machine to new machine? What we need when we reload TMG. Serial number and email address that you registered the original machine, right? What user files need to be included. Will a full back up cover everything? Attachments, pictures, pdf's, does a full backup pull that too? If there is a link to the process, could someone post it or email it to me? Thanks and happy early holidays