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  1. Have you considered creating a TMG App for the Apple IPOD? My old Palm PDA died recently, and in trying to find a replacement for it, there was only one company still making Palm or Windows pocket PDAs, and after hearing about all the applications available for the Apple IPOD (or iPhone), I decided to give the IPOD Touch a try. I've been pretty impessed with it, and have not yet had any problems with its compatibility with my Windows PCs. It would really be cool to find a TMG App for the IPOD Touch! I wouldn't expect a full version that would hold photos and attachments but just to be able to have my data in my pocket would be fantastic, and able to sync any data changes with the full version desktop would be perfect! And now the IPAD has come out, I really think TMG needs to thing about creating an Apple compatible Ipod version. Please consider the idea. Thanks for all you do, and have a great day.
  2. Could anyone tell me how to prevent all the name variations from appearing in a TMG family group sheet report? I want only the primary names to show.