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  1. TMG v9 problems

    I've bought another software (Legacy 9.0) and to import my TMG9 project data I need a "good" GED file. I can't get TMG9 to export a decent one because of the issues I am having. In trying to get TMG9 working enough I I went to the folders/files that the error message said was "read-only." I then changed the properties of those folders to undo the read only and selected "apply" but when I reopened the folder it still said "read-only". Importing the GED file I did created ended up giving me all the names but no relationships, so I'm anxious to get something that incorporates all the correct information. Any ideas further?
  2. TMG v9 problems

    I unselected ready only and I was able to start TMG and backup the project but after backup finished I got a message about a read only file. Now I can't close it without closing windows. My data from this morning is still in the project.
  3. TMG v9 problems

    Doing what you suggested did make a difference. However, the next day TMG was not working well and wouldn't let me backup or close it. Today I tried to backup but it gave me an error message and wouldn't let me do it. When I did File/close project it just closed without any of the normal screens that I usually get on closing. This morning it wouldn't let me backup but I just was able to and after it finished I got "Cannot update the cursor _FILES_ROLES since it is read-only." There seems to be a trend with issues involving read-only situations. Now it doesn't want to close. I also get messages that the project is in use elsewhere and it isn't. "Close window" doesn't close it. It's really hosed up. However I was able to enter data successfully today.
  4. TMG v9 problems

    When I start TMG9 I get several dialog boxes that tell me that dbf files are read only and I have to go through several ignore dialog box choices and then the pro0gram starts. Now when trying to add a sibling I get a message that the index tag is not found...3132 GETROLETR. Is there a simple way to repair this. I was having similar problems with v8 and recently upgraded to v9 to hopefully get away from the problems but it continues to occur. Bill
  5. I want to transfer my TMG 8 to a new computer. How do I do that?
  6. I have a census database (with names) and would like to mesh/compare my TMG information with the information I have in MS Access and, as a result, would like to be able to export the TMG information into a format that is easily imported into MS Access. I looked at the .xls files and they don't seem too identifiable or friendly. Is there a way to export TMG to Excel and have it look something like it would if I had exported it from MS Access?