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  1. Exporting Gedcom

    Thanks Jim for all your help. All is ok now. I am happy. Reg
  2. Exporting Gedcom

    Thanks Jim for your offer. I have emailed it to you. I appreciate your assistance. Reg
  3. Exporting Gedcom

    You know, Jim, I have no idea what to do. I am totally stumped. I have looked through the Sources and because I don't know what to look for I cannot see anything unusual. What bothers me is the following prompt when I have the 'sources' selected to output in the gedcom: Memo file c:\Users\Reg\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Projects\JOHNSON_M.FPT is missing or is invalid. I also get the same prompt when trying to produce a Report to a 'word' file (when souces are selected). The only difference is when I select the "ignore" button it will produce the report and the sources. That doesn't happen in the gedcom production. There are too many "ignore" repeats to get to the end of all the "ignores" so I select the "abort" and that is when TMG hangs. As I said above, I am stumped. Reg
  4. Exporting Gedcom

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Any suggestions how to pin it down. I have 564 sources.
  5. When exporting a gedcom the computer hangs when processing the Sources. The wording on the prompt: Variable 'TEMP' is not found. 51 NAMEOF --------------------------- Abort Retry Ignore If I select "ignore" it steps to the next number eg "52 NAMEOF" and so on. When I deselect the Sources from exporting it all goes well. I also tried exporting the Sources themselves with no success. The wording on the prompt is: ErrorMarker: Memo file c:\Users\Reg\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Projects\JOHNSON_M.FPT is missing or is invalid. 166 FRMEXPORT_S2.MEXPORT I have done the maintenance processes but still doesn't work. Thanks.
  6. VISTA

    Do you have "All images" checked on the exhibits tab of the journal options? formerprof Yes, I have it selected. I haven't done anything different to what I have done in the past. I can see my exhibits in the exhibits folder so they are in the correct place (that is where the installation of TMG put them).
  7. VISTA

    Now up and running. Loaded TMG from the net. Now, I have trouble with photographs in the Journal Report when plotted out to 'Word'. One only pic is appearing in the Report. I have been through the exact same procedure as I have always done with reports. I cannot find what is happening. Anyone else having this problem? Reg
  8. VISTA

    Thanks Jim, I was thinking of that avenue as a last resort.
  9. VISTA

    Is this the same disk you are talking about or something else? No, you have to actually install the program on the new computer - you can't just add the HD from the old computer and run if off that. There are various files copied and entries made during the install process in addition the files copied into the program folder. Have you installed TMG on the new computer? I have a new laptop with Vista. There was nothing on the computer except what it came with. I have the Wholly Genes disk with TMG V7. It will not install. I have backed up data on an external HD which I am hoping I can restore to TMG V7 when it is installed. BUT, the TMG V7 install disk is not responding when I select "US Edition installer".
  10. VISTA

    My laptop XP computer completely crashed today. I do regular backups of the data so hopefully the data will all be there. I have a new one with Vista on it. When I insert the disk withTMG v7 I cannot get it to load - no reaction at all. I am able to use the hard disk from the XP lap top (it wasn't the disk that crashed - just the computer it self) through a portable container with usb attached to new computer. However, when I select TMG on that disk it informs it "cannot locate the Microsoft Foxpro support Library". Please I need help. Ta Reg
  11. V7 - I am having trouble

    I can now run the descent Report however, the pics etc are not transferring (links is not hi-lited) to 'Word'. I also tried the Journal Report - same thing. Reg Edit: I am using a laptop computer with a disk space of 20gb. I have 250mb of space left. I assume that most of my troubles may be lack of disk space. I have ordered a 80gb new hard drive and will probably have it put in during the coming week (if all goes well). So, until that happens I don't think there is any need to progress further with this topic. Reg
  12. V7 - I am having trouble

    There is no 'Update' version of TMG. It is a full install version and no previous version of TMG needs to be present to install V7. Put your CD in the drive and when the Menu screen appears look at the lower right corner for the button that says CD Browser. When that window opens find the file TMG7setup.exe and double click to begin installing the US version of TMG. OR Go to our web site and download the Free 30 Day Trial. Save that download to your computer and then run the file to install TMG V7. Your registration information will unlock the program. Phil Wholly Genes Tech Support Done. Thanks. Up and running again. Reg
  13. V7 - I am having trouble

    Thanks for your reply retsof. My main problem is I have uninstalled the program. Now I cannot install from the CD I received from Wholly Genes. As I said in my last post, the link to download doesn't work on the CD. All other links work ok. So, I cannot download. I also cannot download off the internet because I use the 'update' version and you have to go through the update process, pay (which I don't want to do) etc. How and the ### am I supposed to reinstall the thing?
  14. I have been experiencing some problems producing a Descendant's Report and now I have a problem accessing my project. I tried a restore to no avail. It said the program was being used by some other program (strange - I have not another program that can use it) so, I uninstalled V7. And now I cannot install from the CD. When the mouse is hovered over "US Edition Installer" (same with "UK edition installer") it doesn't recognise the link and nothing happens. All other links work ok. What am I doing wrong? Reg
  15. RTF Reports

    I have a desktop publishing program that requires RTF for text insert. When I produce an RTF from TMG the Endnotes are missing. The superscript numbering is also missing in the text matter. Any advice please on how have the endnotes appear. TIA