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  1. We are meeting at the Orange Park Library on Saturday 2-Aug. Please contact me for more information at Laurie Manning.
  2. Contact: Laurie Manning Meeting Information: Startup of new TMG user's group in the NE Florida region. Please send your contact information to the above address. All comers are welcome whether you are a current TMG user or just interested. We're meeting this Saturday, 2-Aug-2008 at the Orange Park Library. Email me at the above address for information and times.
  3. Merge not working

    Nevermind - I found them. I sorted the picklist by ID instead of surname and found them at the bottom as expected. Since I had change my sort name convention, the new names were prefaced with [PRESURNAME] and didn't sort with the surnames expected.
  4. Merge not working

    I'm trying to merge a family line from a gedcom file into TMG. I successfully imported the gedcom as a 2nd dataset, then merged the 2nd dataset into the primary. The message box indicates this was successful, but I don't find the appended or duplicate people in my primary in order to merge duplicate individuals. I've tried file validation, reindex, renumber, and optimization, then tried to remerge - still no luck. What's wrong? This is the first time I've tried to merge since upgrading to version 6 - I'm currently up-to-date on gold version 6.07.