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  1. The problem I was experiencing in previous versions of TMG where the summary surety displayed in the details window for event tags seems to have been fixed in TMG8, but it is not fixed for the primary names. When I open the Tag Entry dialog for the primary name for some of the individuals in my project, the summary shown on the details screen does not reflect the values seen on the citations. All I need to do is hit OK and the values are then correctly updated. Optimize does not help. Neither does the .PJC file edit suggested by support which apparently only fixes event tags. It there any shortcut to fixing the surety for all of the thousands of individuals without going through them one by one? I also don’t want to change the last edited date which I need for its intended purpose. I'm getting the idea that the surety feature is not used very much. Unfortunately, I have been lulled into making it critical to the interpretation of my data. I have entered many estimated dates with a surety of 0 as a research aid. I can suppress their output in reports generated with TMG, but I was dismayed to learn that there is no support in Second Site, my primary reporting tool. Richard O.
  2. When the individual detail report is created with "include name sources" and “include relationship sources" options selected, there are footnote markers placed next to the primary name but no marker next to the person's parents’ names. In other words, the name combines all of the references for the name and the relationship sources. I want to show the references supporting the name separately from those supporting the mother and separately from those supporting the father. Anyone know if this is currently possible or if it has been requested? I guess I could get partway there by printing the report twice, once leaving one of the options off, but that would be ridiculous. I want to print these reports so that I can find and correct errors and typos. Richard O
  3. I have many Japanese names in my database that I obviously cannot store in TMG's database. I have come up with a stop-gap solution to at leaset record those names. I create a custom tag "UNICODE and attach to it an external rtf file created with Windows Wordpad and saved in unicode format. This works well. If the file is saved as an external txt file, however, TMG opens the txt file in its own text editor and this program component does not recognize the file's format and therefore displays it improperly. Could the text editor used by TMG be made to be configurable? As a side note, even the web site created by Second Site does not display the unicode text file. John- can this be fixed? (Haven't tried an rtf file in Secon Site.)
  4. Wishlist - UNICODE - Everyone Charts

    Couldn't agree more. I have made a suggestion elsewhere in this forum to allow TMG users to at least record their family names in unoicode memos or text exhibits. I do it for all of my Japanese relatives. Now TMG just has to be changed to use Notepad instead of its built in text editor and it can display unicode too. As far as the everybody chart, the thread starter, Helmut, seems to have given us a solution- "GenBox has "Everyone Charts". " I'm going to check it out right now. Does anyone know if it will import gedcom?
  5. Surety Problems

    I have the same problem with sureties displaying as random values on the details screen. I understand that this will be fixed in the next version, but I also understand that there is a fix available now. Any channce of someone ponting me toward it? I am using TMG 7.04 on Win7 (x86)
  6. Thanks all. This discussion was very illuminating in showing how many ways my request could be read. You figured it out. Next time, I'll be more verbose.
  7. The timestamp I requested is to go in *each row* in the database table, not the tablespace file. The applion should be able to generate a log of all database activity in a specided time range. The use for syncronizing is another possible use.
  8. Thanks- but I'd like to make clear that sorting by ID number is not what I asked for. That doesn't work for people in focus group. You can sort the project explorer by ID number -- your last entry will always be at the end of the list unless you have filled in vacant numbers manually or renumbered for some reason.
  9. I'd like to see each table of the database contain a last modified timestamp column. ( separate creation timestamp maight also be nice.) Also, I am hoping that the database schema document will be updated to be current with the next release. Lastly, an XML full export option would also make me feel safer in that my data could at least theoretically, be transportable should WhollyGenes get hit by a bus.
  10. Hi- There are a number of windows that have a sort order option. (for example, the focus group). I would very much like to a see a sort option called "order entered". This sort order would simply leave the items in the same order that they were created. In the focus group, I could add a person to the group and be assured that it will sort to the end of the list. This would help me keep track of where I am after a distraction, it would also let me find an eroneously added person whose name I didn't see: that person will be at the end.