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  1. Michael That sounds an excellent way of doing it, I wasn't even aware of the [AE] possibility, so will give it a try. Many thanks. John
  2. Thanks, Terry - I appreciate the suggestion. It looks a bit messy in its raw format (maybe because I've never used this facility before!!) but I can probably use it to produce a tidier version closer to what I'm after. Thanks again.
  3. In the standard Ahnentafel report, TMG doesn't seem to calculate the age at death if the DOB is only approximate, as it must often be before statutory registration. Is there some way of getting TMG to calculate and generate the approximate age at death, or does this have to be done "manually" and inserted as a Memo?
  4. When creating an Ahnentafel report, I do understand that this shows only the direct line of ascent. However, I would like to amplify the basic report to create a fuller "family picture" by including a sentence for each person, along the lines of: "[Person]'s siblings were X, Y and Z" Is this possible with V7 (silver) and if so how? Or is there some dreadful consequence of messing about with the nature of the Ahnentafel??
  5. Well, it didn't quite work out as I had hoped! My problem is that in my list of Tag Types I have one called "Census 1901" which appears above the other census dates (1841-1891). Its properties are different from those of the other census dates, which in turn are different from those in the Sample dataset: "Census 1901" in my Dataset ........ Tag Group: "History" ....... Abbreviation: "cen." ....... GEDCOM: "CENS" Census 1841-1891 in my dataset ....... Tag Group: "Other event" ....... Abbreviation: "c." ....... GEDCOM: "CENS" "Census 1901" in Sample Dataset ....... Tag Group: "Other event" ....... Abbreviation: "cen." ....... GEDCOM: "EVEN" Now I don't know if the problem was caused by something I did in my early days of using Version 4. I have got around it in recent months by creating a completely new Tag called "1901Census", which is set up in the same way as the 1841-1891 Tags, but I am left with a few rogue entries on the "Census 1901" Tag. Trying Carol's method I got as far as filtering to: "Tag Type Group is" ..... "History" "AND" "Tag Type" ..... "Label" ..... "Equals =" ..... "Census 1901" ..... "END" "OK" ..... "Create Report" All I got was a list of 14 events on 31 March 1901 with blanks for Principal and a few with "village/Area" details - not enough to identify the problem entries. Trying Terry's method, I got the Master Events List to take me to the group of tags with "Census 1901" against them. These had some more info (but no named Principals or Witnesses.) When I highlight an entry and click on "Tag Type", I don't know how to "change" it as Terry suggested. If I click on "Tag Type" then "Edit", the "General" tab showing it is a History Tag is greyed out, so I can't change that. I can amend the "Label" and "Abbreviation", but frankly I'm scared to do so. Similarly, on the "Other" tab, I can amend the "GEDCOM Export" but again I'm scared to do so! And I can't use Delete to get rid of the Tag Type altogether, because the system tells me there are still 14 occurrences of the Tag type in the dataset! And I can't change any of the info on the Tag entry as it's a "History" Tag and it needs to have a Witness. Sorry to go on at length, but I'm probably missing something glaringly obvious so I hoped that by putting in all this detail someone would be able to point out to me that glaringly obvious thing!
  6. That worked (as I'm sure you knew it would!) Thank you so much.
  7. On my (very old) Version 4 which I have been using until recently, the Details window showed at the RH side the age the person was at every event, so it was possible at a glance to track the life history, eg leaving school at 15, marriage at 20, children at 22, death at 65 etc. It was also useful to have that information readily available when comparing with (eg) a census record that quoted an age for that person at a certain date. Version 7 (which I have at last upgraded to) doesn't seem to have this facility, or at least not on the default layout. Is it possible to get this information to display at all on the "Details" window, or is this just the price of progress?
  8. Thanks, guys - I'll try what you suggest.
  9. I know this is probably pretty basic, so be gentle with me! I want to delete a specific Tag Type, but apparently there are 15 people on my dataset where I have used this Tag, so I can't delete it (I want to re-allocate those 15 to a more appropriate Tag, but first I have to find them.) So how do I find them? Presumably it is something to do with the Report function but I clearly haven't yet mastered its intricacies! And once they are found, is there some process that will sweep them all up and amend the Tag type for all of them, or is it a one-by-one approach? (for only 15 that won't be much of a problem, but had it run into hundreds I would have hoped there might be a quicker method.)
  10. Chartform

    I have exactly the same problem as Derek, when running TMG on Windows Vista. I was delighted to see that it was possible to solve it by a download, but when I click on the "Download here" link in the message referred to by Robin and Virginia, I just get an ERROR 404 message. Is there somewhere else I can go to get the necessary download? (for info, it is the UK Silver Edition of TMG that I am using.)