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  1. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Kim, Hey. Thanks! I'm glad I'm not alone, though I'm sorry you have the problem, too. I do have another PDF printer installed. It's not a program I use; must be something my dear hubby uses. I'll ask him about it tonight and see if that other one can be deleted. I'll post my findings here once we've either deleted the other one or deleted and reinstalled the TMG PDF printer. (Or if we do both, I'll state that as well.) Judy
  2. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Jim, Hey. I didn't realize you'd replied. Sorry for the delayed response. Until tonight I had not tried other reports. Tonight I tried the Individual Detail report as well as the FGS in the Sample project. Same errors on both. Tried the Individual Detail in my own project too, first, and it failed also. I'll send you a FGS from my project to try. And thanks. Judy
  3. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Jim, Hey. The path varied in the tests I ran, but the last two were: c:\Documents and Settings\Judy\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Report_output\IsaacAWJones.PDF and C:\Documents and Settings\Judy\Desktop\IsaacAJones.pdf And yes, I have both Wholly Genes PDF Writer v2 and Wholly Genes PDF Writer v3 in my list of printers when I click on the following: Start Printers and Faxes and both say "Ready" as their status. Thanks, Judy
  4. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Jeff, Hey. Thanks for the reply. In this case, I started TMG v 7.02.0000, chose an ancestor, clicked on Report, then on Family Group Sheet; I selected output to file, and I selected Adobe PDF as the output type; then I gave the file a name, and clicked on create report; TMG created the PDF file. TMG said it created the report file and asked me if I wanted to open the file; when I replied by clicking the "yes" button, Adobe Reader opened, but I got the error I included in my original post. I have Adobe Reader 7.1.0 on my PC. Thanks again. Judy P.S. Just FYI, I was also unable to create a PDF on TMG v6.12; in that version the pdf isn't even created and I get the unhelpful error "Error exporting to [file path]\[filename].pdf". I had hoped that upgrading to v7 would solve my pdf creation problem.
  5. Neil, You're absolutely right! I had not looked again after the initial shock. Thanks! Judy
  6. Hello, I purchased the upgrade and installed it on the same computer that v6.12 is on. Once v7 installed, I restored my project from a backup on an external hard disk, which included my customizations. The install went fine; the restore went fine; however, when I opened my project in v7, none of my custom layouts were there. I can recreate them, and I've already created my favorite layout; however, I'm wondering what else might be missing and what I should check. (My accent colors are fine, for example.) Thanks, Judy Campbell
  7. Good day! I have finally upgraded to V7. Among other reasons, I had hoped I'd be able to create report output to a PDF file. However, while TMG is creating the PDF file, I am unable to open said file using Adobe's reader. I am running TMG v 7.02 on a Windows PC running XP. I have Administrator privileges, but I also created the permanent PDF printer. The error I am getting is: "Adobe Reader could not open [filename.pdf] because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an e-mail attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)." I'm not a techie, but I can get around well enough. Hoping someone can help, as I'd love to get some output to PDF for a gift for my in-laws. If anyone needs to e-mail me directly, my e-mail address is my first name and the first initial of my surname at mindspring.com. Judy Campbell