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  1. Virus in TMG viewer?

    Has anyone else had this problem? My AVG 2012 (free version) has just completed a scan, and moved ...\The Master Genealogist v7\viewer\tmgss.exe to the virus vault with the "Luhe.Fiha.A" Infection Has anyone encountered this? I assume this is a false 'infection' I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this - and maybe a comment from support, before I restore it from the vault. What exactly is the tmgss.exe viewer? Neil
  2. Virus in TMG viewer?

    No. Several more people running AVG (and only AVG) have encountered this. That should tell you something if it hasn't already. AVG has a long history of false positives. Indeed - I've reported it to AVG
  3. Virus in TMG viewer?

    I think it would be more useful to ask AVG to look into it. The TMG file seems innocent. I've scanned it with three other virus checkers. None report that it might be malware. Robert I hope you aren't running 3 virus checkers on one PC/laptop!! A sure fire memory killer!
  4. Virus in TMG viewer?

    OK, so more and more are getting this. Is it time that Support took a look in to this?
  5. Installing after 'Trial'

    I note that the 'Trial expired' topic is locked to replies. I just wondered if anyone could share the 'fix' for this - I see some have contacted support. I have the Beta on XP and Windows 7 and want to install the new program and just anticipating this problem occuring.
  6. Installing after 'Trial'

    That was the 30-day trial period. There is no 'trial version'. Probably semantics Jim! I'd have to disagree as the WG main page clearly states (and has done at least since the release of v7 from memory) "Download a 30-day free trial" I have, but it is rendered useless by the Beta issue
  7. TMG8 released!

    Great article Terry Many thanks. The original of this post had a brief backup/restore synopsis that stated to only backup data. It's now been removed, and on checking, it seemed to be a verbatim copy of the details for the Beta release.
  8. TMG8 released!

    The installation/method of converting 7 to 8 seem to have been edited out of this post? The post had mentioned about only exporting V7 'basics' IE no layouts etc So, there seems to be a lack of clear explanation anywhere on how to best Install 8 and use your V7 data (unless I am missing something obvious?) Also, as mentioned above, is it possible to re-use V7 layouts and customisations?
  9. Installing after 'Trial'

    I do appreciate it is the same installer, and that you put in your Key as and when you purchase it. However, I am a bit dismayed that those who chose to use the Beta are penalised for having it installed, in that they have to purchase a license now, just to test the new version. By definition, Beta software is not the finished product, and it is the finished product I wish to test before I decide to go ahead with the purchase. I have no idea what was missing from the Beta. I am teetering on the edge of using another product, so being unable to assess TMG8 may just push me. Perhaps the Beta should have had a warning that if we installed it we wouldn't later be able to test the finished product. From what I can see in my email newlsetter, it just states that it is a free public beta that will expire after 30 days, and nothing about it disabling trial versions.
  10. Installing after 'Trial'

    Thanks Jim I installed the Beta, and used it once in the trial period, so haven't had a chance to assess the new version prior to a possible upgrade from 7, hence my question, as I'd seen that others had the same issue. Seems that what you are saying, that those who installed the Beta cannot now install the 'Trial' downloads without a purchase.
  11. UK Version?

    When V7 came out - there was an option to download a UK version (even as a Trial), but there doesn't seem to be that option for V8 on the main website. As with 7, I'd like to try before I buy. Is this possible? Thanks Neil
  12. UK Version?

    Thank You Bob
  13. TMG 8 when?

    Take with you in what way? To use on someone elses system? Your Work PC? TMG is flexible enough to be able to save a project to any attached device such as an external USB Hard drive etc For me, I have installed Dropbox - a free online repository - that syncs my data from my PC and then to my Work PC or laptop as needed. The beauty of that way is that wherever I open TMG, it picks up where I left off, so if I was last looking at Fred SMITH on my PC, when I open TMG at work, it brings back up Fred SMITH (once I've allowed the short time dropbox takes to synch the project) Alternately, before I discovered Dropbox, I used to Backup my dataset and then copy it to a USB drive and Restore it elsewhere.
  14. Keeping TMG data in sync with FTM

    In that case, I'd go with only updating one and exporting GEDCOM's (as I do). I can see potentials for being really out of sync unless you keep meticulous paper notes (or a computer file) of who you are entering in which etc That's exactly why I only update TMG and then export for use with Legacy and Family Tree Builder Furthermore, as stated in other posts, I keep all my datasets (for all 3 programs) in Dropbox so I am up to date whichever PC or laptop I use. Dropbox is an online data storage facility (others avaialable) that syncs the files to and from your PC('s)
  15. TMG version 8 (Update information)

    Thanks for the updated information. Is there any information anywhere (yet) with pricing of the new product? IE how much will it cost me to upgrade 7 to 8?
  16. Keeping TMG data in sync with FTM

    Don't know if this helps at all, but I use 3 Programs, namely TMG, Legacy and MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. (I do so because I'm trying to decide whether the latter 2 offer any advantage. I like both the others presentation of the datasets better than TMG! and MyHeritage links to a website that I can share with others) Anyway, I use TMG as my primary tool for recording data, and periodically output a GEDCOM file to import to the other 2. I wouldn't dream of trying to input data to the other two and then try and bring it back to TMG!!
  17. File Sharing

    I 'share' my data across an XP PC and a Win7 Laptop via Dropbox. It works very well. If both are on, there is an option in Dropbox that allows LAN updates which are obviously quicker than WAN Even with 40 or so files to update each 'save' or 'exit' from the program, I find it very quick even if one or the other machine is turned off. Also means I can take the laptop to work and use it over lunch break if I need to and be bang up to date. The nice feature of course, is that wherever you work, it picks up from where you left off regardless of which you use, whereas other methods don't do this for me. (IE you can be looking at different individuals on different PC's!!) There is a bit of tweaking needs to be done with file paths as XP and Win7 are different, but is works a treat for me
  18. Recording adoptions

    Hello all Something 'new' to my Family Tree. A family member had a child whilst a widow, by a married man, and apparently, the child was adopted by her neighbours (let's call them Mr and Mrs Smith) I wonder what methods others use to record this in TMG? All I know is that I was told that "Jane Doe" was adopted by the neighbours "The Smiths" - don't even know their forenames at this point Thanks Neil
  19. Recording adoptions

    Michael, Many thanks for your detailed reply, and the link in to the other thread you made on this subject. It gives me some good foundation on considering how I wish to represent this person in my Reports etc. At the moment, I know little about her, and it could be difficult finding that information. Thanks again Neil
  20. Networking

    What's not networking? TMG? Windows? It should work fine I have a Windows XP Pro PC with shared directories on there, that I can see from my Windows 7 laptop. All I needed to do was to ensure that the same (exactly) user name with the same (exactly) password exists on both and that was it. If you have no passwords set on either, that could be a problem (IE the PC just goes straight to the Desktop) Example, if you set the login as Raleigh with password as password123 on one, then also use these on the other. Set up the share and when you go to network on the other it should then be useable ** This also worked on Windows Vista with XP too.
  21. [TMG] [OT] Free Utility for TMG available

    Downloaded Timeliner 2 All seems good except the buttons on the right don't seem to work (Help, Quit, Intro, Contacts etc)?
  22. I'm actually quite intrigued to know just who/what people are recording 'BC' in TMG
  23. TMG Install with windows 7

    Note to anyone considering upgrading to Windows 7, and are tempted by virtualized Windows XP mode. This mode is NOT available in Windows 7 Home Premium edition. Other versions of 7, you may be puzzled if you find it isn't there, you have to download it from Microsoft. It will involve 2 downloads i) The XP mode software ii) Windows Virtual PC Go here:- Windows 7 Virual PC and click the big Orange button!
  24. In my person view, it displays a families events as expected, with the list of children. One of these children has been married 3 times. I have entered the 3 dates and also 2 dates for divorces on the first 2 marriages. So, why does the Children window display that person and her spouse is the first marriage and not the last (current) Is there a way to change this?
  25. How do I display last marriage

    The spouse shown is the "last view" spouse...to set the "last view" spouse go to the individual, switch to the Tree or Family view and click on "Next" in the lower left until the spouse you want to show is shown. Thank you Paul, it now does show the last marriage, but that's a little in-elegant! If I potentially have many of these kind of events, I'd prefer by default to see the persons last marriage in the Children window of his/her Parents 'Person' View At least I now know how to 'fix' it per person.