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  1. TMG 6.07 - structure version missing

    I've started to get this again in 6.12!!
  2. Backup location

    Does TMG write the backup location to your project backup? I created a new project on my laptop, and "My Documents" is in a user called '1' and I backup to a folder called 'Family History' I did a full Backup (customisations etc) to save my accents and the like On my PC "My Documents" is in 'Neil' and again I have a folder called 'Family History' So I restored the laptop project, all was OK I then did a backup on the PC when I was done, and it re-created the laptop path (C:\Documents and Settings\1\My Documents\Family History) Is this correct behaviour? I don't recall this happening in prior versions to 6.12 Neil
  3. Backup location

    Yes, I set the Backup location on both machines to be c:\documents and settings\<loginid>\Family History or in other words, from the selector 'My Documents>Family History'I'd never seen the Preferences settings on Page 3 of the Wizards before, as I tend to only backup the project. On this occasion it was a New Project for my wife's family so I backed up customisations too. I 'think' I've done that before in previous versions of TMG without this problem!
  4. Birth Tag

    Hi I've noticed all my reports have birth tags that use 'at' rather than 'in' Example If I know the Town but not exact place, it will say: Marion DAVENPORT b circa MAy 1882 at Bromsgrove etc etc Where do I change this to 'in' ? Is it possiblt to have this so if I have an address it says 'at' but 'in' if I don't!!? Neil
  5. New Computer for Christmas

    You must have bought something like a Dell?I work in IT, and we can buy in ready built PC's, and mostly custom build for our customers. We still use motherboards that have parallel and PS2 (keyboard/mouse) ports as well as the modern USB varieties, so that customers can use old equipment like printers. So don't necessarily get 'scared' by thinking you might need to buy a new printer etc.
  6. Filter Group problem

    Hello I was trying, via help I found on the Forums, to create a Filter Group to be able to create a new Project for just my wife's side of the family So, I used the FG filter as follows: ID Number =Equal 2:1834 (My wife) END OK so far, that shows two entries - her maiden and married names. so I then changed it to: ID Number =Equal 2:1834 AND Is an Ancestor or Descendant of ID# 2:1834 END This gives me a window saying there are 12 people but when I OK this the FG Window is empty! Using TMG 6.12 UK Gold IF! I get this to work (With your help), is this the best way to create another project (Via List of People report) How can I get to show more than 12 (IE her Uncle's/Aunt's families etc. Thanks Neil PS I have used the maintenance options on the current project, and recently re-installed due to another problem
  7. Filter Group problem

    Terry, brilliant thanks. I thought I'd used the FG in the manner I listed before. Obviously not! Created my project a treat. Thanks again
  8. report definition; unable to change file type

    This was a response stating that only Acrobat PDF output is available in terms of saving a file in Reports>Pedigree.Why is that? Is it the Graphical content?
  9. Does anyone else get this with 6.11? On a person (Female) page, I clicked Add Husband, and put in his name (a new surname) The Warning dialogue came up to say it was new did I want to add it to the database However it just says "is not among the known surnames in this project" instead of "Stockdale is not .... etc etc" Neil
  10. Missing surname, adding spouse

    Found my code, unlocked properly, and the problem is now fixed. Thanks to Virginia and Vera for persisting and responding very quickly!
  11. Missing surname, adding spouse

    Update. Disaster. I downloaded the TMG6 UK version from the website and after uninstalling, I installed this version I found my email with the Unlock code from way back when I purchased V5, but the Unlock screen says this is an expired Trial version. When I enter my name, email and unlock code (I did both a copy/paste and manual entry) I get a screen saying this is Invalid data!! I've emailed Support. Any idea's?
  12. Missing surname, adding spouse

    Every time I upgrade point versions, I always answer No to the Language dialogue as I use nothing but UK English. Perhaps that's wrong? Vera, that was a typo 'Rename' = I did delete the CDX file as mentioned. I will re-install the whole shooting match later on this evening, must find my Install code first though.
  13. Microsoft Mappoint

    Is it possible to output any data from TMG that could be used in MS Mappoint to show distribution of your Ancestors? Neil
  14. Missing surname, adding spouse

    Vera The fun continues. Renaming the file had no effect, so I am going to email the files you requested. Meanwhile, here are the screenshots you asked for. Neil
  15. Microsoft Mappoint

    Hi John,I have the Desktop version of Mappoint, it will Import XLS, TXT and CSV files to name but a few. See this MS page Using Mappoint and Excel which gives an example of analysing Sales data. I'm sure if somehow you could output something in TMG or your Utility with stats of where people in your project lived it could work I tried exporting Excel data from TMG, but it created lots of files, all of which crash my version of Excel (Beta 2007)
  16. Missing surname, adding spouse

    Hmm!! Did both, and no change!Not sure about 'Custom Name Styles' On Preferences>Custom Styles, everything is greyed out I guess by my reply, that either Custom Styles is not what you mean, or out of ignorance, I don't know how to create a Custom Name Style. Where's the manual!!
  17. Missing surname, adding spouse

    VirginiaI made no changes to the Font sizes when I changed to 1024x768, just accepted the defaults, for the record it is Tahoma 8pt. Here is a screen shot. By the way, I have tried this on my laptop, same projects, and as far as I can tell, same prefs, and the name DOES appear on the dialogue!!!!
  18. Missing surname, adding spouse

    To answer Vera and Virginia I rebooted, same effect. I opened the Sample Project, no change I changed to Standard layout, ditto. I have everything visible on screen (IE the dialogue box isn't partially hidden from view)
  19. Replicate FTM report

    Is there any way to mimic/replicate the Family Tree Maker 'Genealogy Report' ? I rather like the way it has Generation No 1 etc and then for each person, in brackets it has their father/grandfather Example Caleb3 Brock (John2, Richard1) NB the numbers are superscript showing the Generation number Thanks Neil
  20. Missing surname, adding spouse

    Answers so far1 - UK Version 6.12 following this mornings update, and problem replicates, though I didn't reboot my PC after the update 2 - See earlier reply, trying to figure out how to get the Project wizard open again so I can open the sample project 3 - Yes, it sorts correctly, married names are changed as expected etc 4 - Yes, I had already tried that Neil Virginia, I will try this later, I updated to 6.12 thinking it might be one of the bug fixes but it is the same in the update (though as mentioned, I didn't reboot) My Resolution is 1024x768, and this is the only dialogue so far I have spotted.
  21. Missing surname, adding spouse

    Before I reply, how do I get the Test Project? I unticked the box on the opening screen so I always get 'Last' project and can't seem to find how to get that screen back
  22. Replicate FTM report

    Aha - I found it, i need to use Journal instead!
  23. Replicate FTM report

    Hmm, what am I missing!I am doing Report>Descendancy Indented Narrative But... If I click the Options button, I cannot find a Styles section on 'General' or any other Tab. Using 6.11 UK Gold Neil
  24. Update problem

    Choose the third option down to download the 6.00-6.08 to 6.10 patch Neil
  25. TMG 6.07 - structure version missing

    For Jim Byram's benefit, I have implemented the TMG replacement file as per your instructions on both my PC and laptop, which both had this error. I have run both at least 20 times without the error occuring since!!! Sod's law I suppose. If it does, I will of course pass on the details Neil