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  1. I am operating TMG 7.04 in Windows 7 64 bit. Although I have had TMG for years, I've just began to use it on a regular basis in the past 9 months (since getting my new computer with Windows 7). When I pull up the Master Source List, I am never able to view the first column in the list, which I believe is supposed to contain the source numbers. Is there something I can do to correct this? Sometimes, especially when trying to convert my imbedded sources (from a previous program) to regular sources, that I want to just go to the source, rather than have to do a search of what I THINK might be in either the abbreviation or title.
  2. Are we any closer to TMG 8? I am anxiously awaiting it but we've heard nothing from Wholly Genes since last May's newsletter and announcement of the beta test. I didn't dare sign up for beta testing because we were warned we couldn't go back. Thankfully, in addition to my desktop, running Windows 7, 64-bit, I have a laptop still running Windows XP and I can copy my files to a thumb drive and transfer them over if I have to. I have entered so much data into TMG this summer, I shall be heartbroken if I find it unusable.
  3. Numeric Overflow at Import

    I'm also trying to use GenBridge to import from Generations to TMG. I have over 5000 records to import. It is EXTREMELY SLOW (almost 24 hours) for one thing, but I have received the "numeric overflow - data lost" warning several times. I've tried clicking all three options, retry (instantly the message reappears), ignore (goes away - import apparently continues at snail's pace) and abort (nothing much happens - I can only stop the import by calling up Windows Task Manager). I just upgraded yesterday to TMG version 6.12.000.