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  1. I have the father and some children on one screen and his wife and some additional children on a different screen. How do I combine this 'split' family into one screen?
  2. Exhibit Folder Not Found

    Thanks for ypour insight, Robert. I finally was able to correct the problems and backup all five of my TMG family groups that I am tracking. And I have successfully restored all of them from a disc into version 8. Now if the TMG office folks will send the 'unlock code' I'll be able use the program!! I purchased the upgrade a few days ago and still haven't received the unlock code but I have requested that it be sent. Thanks again for your help - and have a great day, Bob
  3. Exhibit Folder Not Found

    Will wonders never cease? I'm not too sure what I did, but, Robert, I reset the defaults in the advanced options section and that apparently solved two of my problems, e.g., the 'exhibit folder not found' error code has disappeared and I also was able to backup v7 to my hard drive and get the .sqz file. However, with my limited computer knowledge, I can't find the .sqz file so I can copy it to a disc and use it to complete the installation of v8. Can you help? Thanks to both of you, Bob and Virginia. Bob
  4. When attempting to open TMG v7 the above error message appears and goes on to ask if I want to use the default Exhibit Folder. Clicking 'yes' will open v7 and everything functions okay. Why does this error occur and can I eliminate it so that v7 opens 'normally'? A second question, and perhaps part of the above question, occurs when I try to backup v7. I get another error message that says "Input file read failure. This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a zip file that is locked or restricted by another process". This has caused major problems because I need the backup so it can be used to restore when completing installation of v8 thjat I bought/downloaded. I feel that there is some connection with these issues that was caused when I changed computers and went from Win Vista to Win 7. Your help/assistance would be greatly appreciated. Bob Boxell