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  1. John -


    Thank you VERY MUCH for your excellent post on how to fix AVG. It was very clear - I followed it exactly, and TMG was up & running right away, didn't even need to reboot.

    I hadn't looked at the options for AVG for a long time, and they have changed a lot. I had tried to figure it out myself, but couldn't - your directions were the best!


    Again, thanks -



  2. Patt -


    Thanks very much for the information. Yesterday I gave a charting lecture/hands-on workshop to our group on charting. I started out with 5-generation ancestor chart, and unfortunately that took up 95% of the time! But I had a little time left to show examples of pedigree charts. I had printed out your chart, one that Virginia had done, and another I made up myself. And I gave them instructions as to creating the charts. Hopefully some will try them at home. It is such a nice concept.


    Thanks for the extra instructions - the 'continued on' pages. They are a bit more complicated to do, and involve more hand editing, especially when all the ancestors aren't there, and you need to add extra boxes. But I see that it can be done.


    Again, many thanks, and I'm sorry that the question caused you so many problems with the frames!!


    Linda Reinfeld

  3. Hi Virginia -


    I am now working on this chart - Ancestor with siblings, 8 generations.

    It's a great way to show families.


    In my TMG data I use the flag Ancestor Interest=1 to identify my direct ancestors, and it works great. I have an accent where the font is green for directs, and everything works. However, when I translate that to VCF & try to get the chart -ancestor with siblings - no accent is shown. I created a custom flag, called My_Ancestors and that worked the first time! But no matter what I try I can't get the Ancestor Interest flag to work. Is there a problem with that flag? I also noticed in your example the first chart had no color, so presumably you colored your ancestors by hand.


    Thanks for all the help.


    Linda Reinfeld

  4. Hi Virginia -


    Thanks so much for the instructions. I had made a fairly decent pedigree chart, but yours looks better!


    I had to tweak my settings a little to get it to fit on one page.

    diagram location - offset from left margin - 10

    gap between boxes - between generations - 25


    I like checking blank prepositions - it removes the 'b' blank and 'd' blank.


    It is somewhat difficult to create a standard chart because of all the variations in data. Some of my place names seem to be quite long. Combined with long names, your boxes can get quite tall, and run off the page!


    Thanks for your pinned one-page charts. I will be making good use of all of it - or as much as I have time and patience for - this Saturday!


    Linda Reinfeld

  5. I am interested in the Pedigree Booklets that Patt and Teresa have posted. I am talking about charts to our Boston TMG user group this Saturday and I thought the Pedigree Booklet is such a good idea. It would be a nice topic. However - I have some questions.....


    1. I don't quite understand the basic format of how you print the charts on a page. Are you printing the center two charts (the subjects fathers ancestors and mothers ancestors) on one page, so that when the book opens up you see both charts? Or is there one chart to a page, and then the pages get pasted together?


    2. Teresa said 'The mother goes on the left side, the father on the right'.

    Patt's chart has the father on the left and the mother on the right.

    Is there a general consensus as to which one goes where?

    Actually I think I prefer the father on the left and the mother on the right, but I will go with the acceptable norm


    3. Patt's booklet has the chart for the first two pages, and then starts printing the extended charts, starting with the father. Even though the father's chart is a left-to-right chart, when the extended charts are printed, they are right-to-left charts. Is that the usual practice?


    4. How do you get page numbers? Manually?


    5. The 'continued on ' phrase - I assume that is entered manually. If not, then you would get the phrase when there is no continuation.....


    6. Is each chart created one-by-one? I.e. enter the person's number, print, enter next person's number, print, etc.


    Sorry for all the questions, but it's such a neat idea.

    Thanks for the help


    Linda Reinfeld

  6. Hi Mike -


    I like very much your 5-generation ancestor chart. And the instructions are good.

    I especially liked the 'move to front' button - I've never done that before. Great tool!

    However, my chart doesn't fit on one page - the 5th generation spills over to another page by 5 1/2 people.

    I am sure it has something to do with font size, box size, margins, gap between boxes.

    Also I have photos, and my photos only take up about 1/2 to 1/3 of the box, whereas I notice yours are the whole size of the box....

    Some times my names wrap, and some of those wrapped names have a blank line 1st before the data starts.

    Is there another entry in the forum where you have identified all the options?


    Thanks very much for all the charts you do -


    Linda Reinfeld

  7. I just saw this thread - and I have had the same problem with the Individual Narrative Report. I just produced a booklet for a family reunion and chose to write an Individual Narrative report of a focus group (my mother's family). They are not interested in seeing a journal report of descendants of one ancestor. That's why the journal doesn't work very well. They like to see all the members of the related family. In order to force at least some child information on the report I added the Num-Child tag to everyone so at least the number of children could be identified.


    I would really like to have that feature added to the Individual Narrative report - names (at least) of children.


    Linda Reinfeld

  8. I am trying to get contact info (address, e-mail and phone) for a subset

    of my data for a family reunion. Nothing works well - the best I have

    found is the Individual Narrative, printing only my custom tag called

    ContactInfo, where I have put the information in the location fields

    (e-mail in temple). The reason to use the Individual Narrative is that

    it allows me to use the married names of women (always a problem in

    TMG). However, when I print the report, sorted on Surname, the correct

    married name prints, but it is sorted in non-married-name order! It does

    make for a strange report. And, excel is not an output option, so you

    can't sort the report a different way.


    Is this by design? or is it a bug?


    If anyone else has an easier way to print contact info with a married

    name, I would love to have their ideas.....


    Thanks for your time -


    Linda Reinfeld