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  1. Flag Definitions

    IN TMG8 Person View, clicking on the Flags icon shows a dropdown list of flag types. Most are self-explanatory [sex, Living, etc.]. But three [that I don't understand] get no reply in the TMG8 Help-Search routine. IMMIGRANT NO_FLAGS ROOTSWEB What are those and how are they used? Thank you for the advice. -Bill Martin Denver, CO billmartin44@ieee.org
  2. Problem with Tips Hints fonts

    Susan, many thanks for your advice - it worked perfectly. Windows7 Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display >Larger 150% You were correct, I then had to resize [reduce the font size] for some of my TMG displays - but the education I got from Virginia and Michael the past few days, on how to do that, did exactly what I needed. I'm back in business. My best to you. -Bill Martin Denver, CO
  3. Problem with Tips Hints fonts

    Michael and Virginia...thank you both for all the help and education you given me on font size. I now know a LOT more about TMG and font control than I ever knew before. I've already used it to spruce up some displays which I'd been having trouble reading. And, while font control specifically for Tios and Hints still eludes us, the Magnifier suggestion is a good work-around. My best to you both. -Bill
  4. Problem with Tips Hints fonts

    Thank you, Virginia....Your suggestion certainly helps. I can now see well enough to use TMG. I just discovered that not only are my Tips and Hints fonts reduced to "tiny", but on the Person, Detail screen,, the Tag Entry [small box display] for each Census entry has been reduced to the same tiny size. It wasn't like that a couple days ago - but i don't know what I did. So, until I find out where I messed it up, I'll use the Magnifier. Much better than going blind trying to read these screens. Thank You!! -Bill
  5. Problem with Tips Hints fonts

    I looked...the 5/6 box has NO check mark in it. But the font in the Tips and hints box is still tiny. I also searched the Windows 7 [my OS version] website for font instructions. Pretty sparse and what there is relates solely to Windows displays NOT to programs running under Windows7. Well, shucks. But thanks for helping, Michael. -Bill
  6. Problem with Tips Hints fonts

    Michael, thank you for going to the trouble of experimenting to find a solution. I did as you said. I DID have the 5/6 box checked...so I unchecked it. I also increased the font sizes that were options on that screen for the Family, Tree and Prompts Views. Went back and selected Help>Tips and Hints, but I still had the tiny font. So I shut down TMG and restarted....no luck, I still have the tiny font. -Bill
  7. I'm using TMG version 8.08.00 I get the Tips and Hints window OK, but the font size is so small I can't read it without a magnifying glass. How can I increase the font size? I've searched TMG8 Help; WhollyGenes Forums; WG Support but can't find how to do this. Thank you for the advice. -Bill Martin Denver, CO
  8. 8.04 update failure

    I was using msconfig because my Windows 7 operating syatem wouldn't open [so I couldn't get to TMG] and I hoped I could find a way to detect the problem. As it all turned out, Virginia, after two days of work with Microsoft and Microsoft-related associates, I found that I had six registry locations that SHOULD have had something in them - but they were blank. I've no idea why. No programs were installed. All I'd done was try a variety of things to get Windows to open. One of those attempts must have wiped out these registry values. And, according to what I read, there was no way to fill them with proper data – except to reinstall Windows 7 [my operating system]. Doing that would result in wiping out all my programs and data files. So I dutifully backed them up on a newly-bought USB portable storage device. I monitored the backup process for a long time and it seemed to be going OK. But when I tried to restore it today…the storage device had none of my files in it. That was my fault for not verifying that the files had, in fact, gotten transferred before I reinstalled Windows 7. But it looked like it was going so well. Wrong, Bill. Today I’m reinstalling all my software and restoring my data from a USB thumb drive on which I’d backed up most of my data [including TMG] a few weeks ago. A tough break. But that’s life. Today, I downloaded TMG8 from the WhollyGenes website and installed it. Now, I’m about to restore my TMG data file. If I understand correctly, I should put that .sqz file in C:UsersbillDocumentsThe Master Genealogist v8Backups IS THAT CORRECT? I don’t want to mess this up –iI’s my last gasp. -Bill
  9. 8.04 update failure

    I wouldn't think so either...but TMG8 no longer starts with the msconfig Starting Selection set to Normal Startup. TMG8 >will< start with msconfig Starting Selection set to Selected Startup - with only the boxes checked for Load System Services and the box Use Original Boot Configuration. TMG8 will NOT start with a check in the box Load Startup Items. To rephrase all that: TMG8 DOES start, but only in Selected Startup mode with no check in Load Startup Items. -Bill
  10. 8.04 update failure

    You are absolutely correct, Virginia. Over the past 4 days, when I did a Start>Search for tmg8setup.exe, the only place it showed was in the Downloads folder. But see my next comment... If this Installer folder existed during the past 4 days,...I sure didn't find it. Today [31 Jan] I went to that location....and there was the Installer folder. There was no tmg8setup.exe file in it, so I deleted the Installer folder. There was an .msi file and one other file (I don't remember the name) that I deleted with the Installer folder. The tmg8setup.exe icon is still on my Desktop. [i guess I can delete it if we're done working on this "TMG8 Won't Start" task. Yes, I've rebooted a lot. As of now, [31 Jan] TMG8 and my main database seem to be working. Somehow, that main .pjc database wound up in a folder C:UsersbillMy DocumentsThe Master Genealogist v >7< Projects. I've no idea how. I don't even have v7 installed on my computer any more. This folder must be a "remnant". All my .sqz files are there as well C:UsersbillMy DocumentsThe Master Genealogist v >7< Backups. My TMG8 program lists no files at all in its Backups folder. What is the correct file path for me to move these .sqz files into? C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8Backups ? Or is it: C:UsersbillMy DocumentsThe Master Genealogist v8Backups? And while we're at this file path topic, is this where my tmg8.exe file goes? C:Program Files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8tmg8.exe? Virginia, you've been most patient and persevering the past several days. My deep thanks to you for all your advice and guidance. -Bill
  11. 8.04 update failure

    I've enabled every 'hidden file or folder' option you suggested and removed every remant that Jim Byrim's instructions said to look at.
  12. 8.04 update failure

    Virginia, as for your question "Could it be a permissions issue with that folder?", it has taken me a while to find the answer. I looked at that TMG8 folder's Properties and two tabs seem pertinent. The "Sharing" tab shows that folder is not shared. The "Security" tab shows five "Group or User Names" Creator Owner System Administrators Users TrustedInstaller Under each one of those five are various things each is allowed to do: Full control Modify Read and execute List folder contents Red Write Special permissions I've never messed with those settings - unless something has modified them, the settings are the default settings that have always been there. If you have specific permissions that I should verify, I'll be glad to do that. -Bill
  13. 8.04 update failure

    Virginia, I missed answering your first question: "Did the installer seem to go through all its steps and does the ProgramFiles (x86) folder for v8 seem to be fully populated? Could it be a permissions issue with that folder?" No, it seemed to get finished with the Install quite quickly. Here are the contents listed in the Program Files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8 folder: 13 folders named apps through wordproc and 72 files named app.ini through wwipstuff.dll The TMG8 folder Properties shows its >total< contents as : Size: 164MB (172,065,898 bytes) Size on disk: 166MB (174,776,320 bytes) -Bill
  14. 8.04 update failure

    I did everything you suggeted in 1., 2., and 3. Niow what? Bill
  15. 8.04 update failure

    The Properties of the desktop icon tmg8setup show: Created 1/28/2013 9:28AM Size: 47.1 MB (49,462,926 bytes) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You asked: Did you try running it not as an Administrator? Yes. I logged on with my Standard User account [not my Admin account]. Downloaded the tmg8setup.exe file from WhollyGenes "Download a 30 day Free Ttrial". After the download, I tried to open that file directly from its file path C:UsersbillDpwnloadstmg8setup.exe but got a screen saying: Failed to write in file "C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8 Installertmg8setup.msi." Access is denied. ----------------------------------------- Then I tried to open the setup.exe file directly from its file path using Run as Administrator. The program seemed to install but when I tried to open TMG8 from it's new Desktop icon, nothing happened. What should I try next? -Bill