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  1. Need to reinstall V9 Gold edition

    I followed Jim's how to manually fix for the Wholly Genes OPDF Writer v4. It did not work and now it must have changed the registry becaused when I tried to print all I saw was the focus person with all the details gone! Did I change the registry? Not savvy enough to do that but thought the process was outlined enough that I could do it. Using TMGv9.05, Win 7 64 bit. Now I can't uninstall the program as it says I need to verifvy... Help
  2. V7

    Husband has been very sick with the shingles so I shouldn't have tried to download v7. First I clicked on the full program instead of the update (where was my mind?) Then while installing said it could not install the strings table. Screen froze, then said please wait...initializing strings table. 15 minutes later nothing had changed...tried to escape...then came a screen abort-retry-ignore. Tried retry several times finally resorted to ignore and away it went. Did not put my project into v7 as I wasn't sure if the installation was complete. The sample project extremely slow and everyone says v7 is so much faster. Sent message to support but they have not answered yet...too many people like me, I suppose. Any answers? Very disapointed about not getting to use the program--never had any trouble updating befofe! Pauline Ballentine