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    First hooked up with TMG in early 1993 thru some posts Bob had on Compuserv. Still have that first set of floppy disks!
  1. Has anyone tried using MS Surface Pro with the Intel chip to run TMG? I've heard the Surface Pro will run Visual FoxPro. Thanks Mark Davis Surprise, AZ
  2. Where's my data? Restore to 7.03

    Thanks for your suggestions... I'll let you know what Tech Help says! Mark Virginia. The wonderful Dorothy Turner was able to fix my issue. Here's is now she explained the cause to me: "There was no problem with your file but you also had a project that had the cdx in the file name, so when it backed up, it backed up those as well. I deleted the project with the cdx in the file name and did a fresh backup." The project loaded just fine and all the data was there!!!! Mark "the happy camper" Davis
  3. Where's my data? Restore to 7.03

    Thanks for your suggestions... I'll let you know what Tech Help says! Mark
  4. Where's my data? Restore to 7.03

    Virginia- The backup file is entitled <DavisHack 2008-07-05 19-49-08.sqz> I took your advice and renamed the file, which took care of the extra extension issue with all the files in the project, but it didn't fix the overall problem.
  5. Where's my data? Restore to 7.03

    Virginia, Thanks for the reply. The back up is 8,031 kb., about 80 files when restored. I'm doing everything on my c: drive. VFI'd and reindexed the original file before backing up and the same after restore. I'm no expert on this subject, but I would say that the backup process seemed ok. On other oddity, the file name in 6 is DavisHack_.PJC, but when it restores in 7, it is DavisHack_$.CDX_.pjc The other project that came through ok, did not get the $.CDX added to its file names. Thanks. Mark
  6. I purchased v. 7 a few months ago, but only got around to working with it today. I have two Project files in v6. I backed up both projects, then ran the restore in 7.03. The first project came through ok. The second project imports with only me! And it's not me as I exist in the backed up file, just my first and last name with no events. I deleted the project files in the folder and restored again. Same problem. I made a new backup file with a new name. I deleted myself from the imported file then restored again over it... same thing; just me, no sources, places or exhibits. What the heck am I doing wrong? I'm got a Dell Inspiron 640m running Windows XP Home. Thanks! Mark Davis South Bend, Indiana TMG user since v.1