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  1. John - being an American <G> - that is exactly the way I would put it. D.C. is the same as "Ind." or "Ore." -- I doubt if anyone uses the full name. You're doing just fine........ Carol Collins
  2. Wish List

    __________ I was hoping for some really great answers to this, too, Geoff -- I'd love to put the tasks into excel. However, filtering the task list would work nicely for what you want. You'd just have to be consistant in the task name -- ie: newspapers: Martin Co. Tribune, June 25, 1906 -- in that order (newspapers -- name of newspaper -- date) each time. Then you can filter for "Task name -- contains -- newspapers" and get a list of just those tasks in proper order. Carol Collins
  3. I use roles for just this purpose. In the Death tag, my primary role is "Deceased" and the sentence is: [:CR:][:TAB:][RG:Deceased] died <[D]> < in [L]> <[A]> <, leaving [RG:Widow] a widow.> -- or [:CR:][:TAB:][RG:Deceased] died <[D]> < i n [L]> <[A]> <, leaving [RG:Widower] a widower.> I have 3 other roles: Widow, Widower and Quaker. I put the living spouse in as witness to the death, using widow, or widower. The Quaker is so that I can use the proper dating procedure: [:CR:][:TAB:][RG:Quaker] died <[M1]>< in [L]> <[A]> <, leaving [RG:Widow] a widow.> M1 being the Quaker date (ie: 3.1m.1720) (I use the normal date in it's usual place but it doesn't print.) I hadn't thought of the children but you have a very good point. It would be easy to add a role of "orphan" and add them to the witnesses. Carol Collins
  4. TMG6.07 Family Group Sheet

    Perhaps this definition is more academic than real. Don't we, when we research, think of a "family" as really one generation? When I am searching for my grandparents, let's say, life does not end for my grandfather when my grandmother dies. He may go on to marry someone else, his children then have a step mother, which alters their lives some, -- interaction within the family continues. I'd prefer to have all of this "timeline" (if you will) recorded in one place and not on two separate sheets of paper. In the above example, the traditional definition of family would mean that grandfather's birth would be on one family sheet and his death on another. I'd prefer it altogether. I now spend hours combining one generation's family group sheets using MSWord. I'd love to see everything occuring to the father, the mother, and to some extent to the children (if it affects the entire family) in one spot and on one FGS. JMHO
  5. Obituary as source

    I use a generic source: "obituaries" and then, in the cd, I put the name of the newspaper, the date and the page. Keeps it simple. Carol Collins
  6. My solution to this is not to add those who inherit as witnesses to the will, but to hve a custom "inherited" tag and use it in each individual's page. In the memo I put who they inherited from and what was inherited. It is easy to put "was the executor for his father's estate and inherited..." in the memo. Carol Collins