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  1. Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time to check it out However, I still do have some concerns with this: 1. If Primary is not meant to be confined to *image* exhibits, Help should be changed accordingly in that makes it clear that non-image exhibits can, in fact, be primary and should then also contain mention that primary non-image exhibits will not be shown in e.g. charts, image window and a number of reports. As it is now, I find Help confusing and/or incomplete 2. OK, but I've so far found at least one where I, personally, wouldn't consider the output desirable: Individual Detail: If output of 'Image' is selected under Options > Exhibits, the first line of a primary text exhibit actually shows following the name of the report subject - please see gif attachment for clarification 3. So, *at least* for those which are not output, IMHO, the user should not be able to select them as Primary - ? Just my 2 AU cents <G>
  2. Hi, just stumbled over the fact that non-image Person exhibits (Audio, Video, Text and OLE) can be selected as Primary in their respective properties (never noticed it before) - Help says: ---------------------------------- Primary Place a check in the box next to Primary if you want this *image* to be used as the primary one for reports or charts, and in the Image Window. ---------------------------------- My question: Is this a bug or a 'feature'? Considering the above, I don't see the point of non-image exhibits being primary, so if it's a 'feature' - where would they be used? Slightly puzzled
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    Hmmm ... I may just have to go 'on strike' then Sorry folks
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    I agree on the pin placement ... ended up in the water a couple of times but I object to 'NZ and Australia' ... of course they'll have to be 'separated' somehow but it's got to be the other way around (Australia and NZ) (ducking ...) post edited to prevent misunderstandings
  5. Links to my genealogy pages: English (Australian) version: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~astrid/GenEn/ also available in German: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~astrid/GenDe/ I created the custom theme(s) by copying a generic Second Site theme and editing the copied files with my image editor, ACDSee, now using the theme(s) in Second Site with no post processing required. List of main surnames (all Germany and surrounding): My husband's line: Kranzbuhler and all variations, Moeller, Kahmeier My line: Fahlbusch, Siegmann, Schuetze, Pleschke, Schoengarth Have fun browsing