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    iMac i7 (late 2009), OS X (10.6.2); Parallels 5; Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit).
  1. Settings don't stick anymore

    Hi Michelec: We are also running TMG on a Win 7 virtual machine; I'm using Parallels. Your symptoms (finding the last project, remembering layouts and settings) sound like data paths issues. See page three (3) of the thread, "GOTERM and other problems," at the link below: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...showtopic=10076 Hope this helps. --GJ
  2. Win 7 is a refined, updated WinVista so the WinVista version should work. Thank you Jim. I'll add that Vista version to my Win 7 todo list. --GJ Hi Jim/Virginia: Vista version of Jing installed. Jing did want its installer/set up files saved to my Windows (only) side. Thanks again to you both. --GJ
  3. That's great news. --GJ
  4. Hi Leslie... You wrote, " guess what I have to do is to use the double click whenever there's no scroll bar..." You have more options. I just wanted you to make sure the scenario I created was the same one you were experiencing. As well, believe we can isolate this to "using TMG" (vs a conflict with the Mac or Parallels). When you can't see the bottom of the details window, you can resize it (from the top) so that the bottom border (and scroll bar) is in view. Position your mouse at the top of the Details window, so that the cursor changes to the resize icon. Then drag that cursor down slowly. In my case, when the window is the right size, the right side scroll bar appears. I can then drag that window up so that the top and the bottom (with the scroll bar) of the newly sized window is visible. Does that action work for you? --GJ P.S. Once we have your TMG layout just the way you want it, you'll save it as a custom layout so these issues won't commonly effect your day to day use.
  5. While it's not solved, sounds like we closer to learning this is general to TMG (rather than your Mac/Parallels set up). [see also my post above for "...I was able to ..." ] You wrote, "....can't change Preferences to Use the TMG 5/6 method." Hope Virginia will jump in here. In the mean time, see her post of 14 Oct 2009 (and others in the same topic): http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...showtopic=11964 She refers to the Help topic at "Help / Preferences / Other." Will check in again in about 30 minutes. I have an unrelated 9:30 deadline. --GJ
  6. Hi Leslie: I was able to create a scenario in which I could "lose" my scroll bar. I'm viewing a Person Details screen with 40 tags (my Harmon Miller). I've been changing TMG back and forth between Full Screen and Window. I'm right now in a "window." My screen is large enough that I can expand dear old Harmon's TMG Detail window to view all 40 tags without need for the scroll bars. With the Detail window so expanded, if I THEN resize the TMG window so that it is _smaller_ than Harmon's Detail window, the scroll bars don't reappear. I'm able to easily recover my scroll bars in one of two ways. a Resize the Details window just a little (from it's top edge). b Double click on the top bar of the Details window -- that action will expand the Detail to the full size of your TMG window. Hope you'll try either of the two "recovery" tactics so that I can know if your missing scroll bars are akin to the "outsized" issue I created. --GJ
  7. Hi Leslie. Thank you for providing the additional information. (1) Parallels 5 offers several "modes" (Parallels Desktop > View), such as "Window," "Crystal," etc. Which "mode" are you running? I'm right now in the mode, "Window." (2) What preferences have you set in TMG for window resizing? See TMG > Preferences > Program Options > Other for the box, "Use the TMG 5/6 method of windows resizing. On my system, that box is NOT checked. Thanks. --GJ Nother Q: In Windows XP, are you running TMG "full screen?" If so, what happens when you run it as a window?
  8. Win 7 is a refined, updated WinVista so the WinVista version should work. Thank you Jim. I'll add that Vista version to my Win 7 todo list. --GJ
  9. Hi Virginia: Thanks for the tip about Jing. Sounds like a cool tool. I added the Mac OS X version. I didn't find a version said compatible with Win 7. Perhaps another TMGer who has used Jing on Win 7 will let me know if they installed the XP or Vista version. Thanks again, Virginia. --GJ
  10. Hi Leslie: As I recall, Glenn is working with Windows XP; hopefully he'll chime in. I'm running Win 7. Are we talking about scroll bars in the details window? Children or siblings window? If so, I _do_ have scroll bars on those windows running the current version of TMG on Windows 7 (64 bit) under Parallels 5 [Windows mode*], all on a late 2009 iMac with Snow Leopard (10.6.2). In the alternative, are you taking about the TMG "master" window? The Parallels 5 window? One of those times that I wish we all could attach screen shots to our posts. --GJ *I've run Parallels in Cohesion and Crystal..just happen to be in Windows mode right now.
  11. Starting from backup in W7

    Hi Peter, As a layperson, I can think of several things that might effect file size (for example, the "repeat" files). Assuming you still have TMG loaded on your old computer, considered opening the project on both machines. You can compare detailed statistics about both instances of the project at File > Project Summary. Those with more technical knowledge may have other suggestions. In a pinch, hope the above helps. --GJ
  12. GOTERM and other problems

    ...Just in time for your birthday, I note. Have a happy and another cold one. --GJ
  13. GOTERM and other problems

    Well deserved! --GJ
  14. GOTERM and other problems

    Hi Glenn, Jim, all: Yippee! Changing the Data_paths.txt file entry to reflect Win 7's twisted logic ("My Documents" is actually "Documents"), as below, and similarly updating TMG Preferences (changing "My Documents" to "Documents" in all the paths at File > Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced), TMG now opens without the GOTERM error and remembers my last project location. [Administrator] UserData=C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7 I did not uninstall or reinstall any program, nor did I rename any Win 7 folder. I did not reset any option in Parallels 5. So, now we know the rest of the story ... Win 7 is WYSINWYG - What you see is not what you get. Thanks again for all the help. --GJ Configuration: iMac i7 (Late 2009), OS X (10.6.2), Parallels 5, Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit), TMG v7