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  1. You were right. I had a Beta test V8.00 installed in June 2011 in my system. Now deleted. I am now up and running on V8.02 Gold UK. I was not even asked to enter my Serial code. Only addition to the instructions above should be a 'Restart' after deleting the (in my case 2 copies one unqualified and one marked "(for all users)") TMG V8 application(s). I now have in the Control Panel/Programs, TMG V7, marked (for all users) and TMG V8 with no qualification. Many thanks.
  2. TMG upgrade Gold UK V8.00 to V8.02 fails under Windows 7 Home Premium I have successfully updated my backup PC, running Windows XP, from Gold UK V8.00 to V8.02. However, my Windows 7 PC refuses to update from V8.00. I selected in TMG 'Help/Check for an update', and was shown User account control "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" Program Wiseupdt.exe On clicking 'yes' I received a message stating I need to have a Winsock layer, amongst other bits. I assumed all was OK and clicked 'Next'. I am then told I have a problem such as no connection to the internet (not true) or problems with the host server (at 10 am EST 15 Mar 2012) or a problem with my proxy server settings (possible). I am in limbo with my backup working successfully at a higher level than my main PC and no means of synchronisation between the two PCs. Assistance would be welcome.
  3. Report Definition Screen height not adjustable

    Virginia, Ace reply! You have one delighted customer. The Descendant Indented Report is now usable. I had not remembered about the 5/6 option. Many thanks. Douglas
  4. The Report Definition Screen all of the Reports cannot be adjusted for height in (at least) the UK version of V8. I use a Samsung Netbook running XP with my backup copy of TMG for field trips. It has a maximum practical depth of 600 pixels, which means that the 'Options', Create Report', etc. buttons are not visible the Descendant Indented Chart. I have 3 bars above the working area, the application bar, the 'file, edit, etc ' bar and a single line TMG toolbar with small icons. This means that the Descendant Indented Chart, arguable the most useful of the reports, is nigh on impossible to use. It can be done by increasing the screen pixel numbers, but of use only in dire emergencies. For most of the Reports, this problem is irrelevant as the vertical height does not exceed the page size. However, there are two or 3 other reports with deep Report Definition Screens, which are in the same state as the Descendant Indented Chart An early answer as to why the software restricts vertical manipulation it will happily allow the width to be changed, would be welcomed.