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  1. Filter for flag

    Well, I guess I'll just have to check questionable people on the report to see if I need to change their flag.
  2. Filter for flag

    I would like to set up a filter for a particular flag. I've gotten as far as List of People, Filtered group, user filter (whatever number), add, and have found and clicked on the name of the flag. What do I add for Operator and Value? Also, how do I change the default for a particular flag? If I don't watch what I'm doing, I'm getting "Y" for a group when I add people who aren't in that group. (That's why I need to set up the filter -- so I can determine who doesn't belong in a particular Flag group. ) I just figured that out.
  3. Filter for flag

    If I understood correctly, I made the default "?" for this particular group. Everyone who I added to my database previously has marked "?" and the Smiths are marked "Y." However, I had added some new people before I changed the Smith default, and I want to be sure they're not marked "Y." First-time around, I failed to make the default "?" Your instructions worked perfectly. Thank you very much. Oops! Not quite so perfectly, as there are some extra people on the list. I checked their flags for the Smith group, and they're "?" Yet not everyone with a "?" for the Smith group is on the list. Hmmm.... This may be way out on left field -- or not! -- but the reason I'm following the Smith family is because my husband has a DNA connection with someone for whom we can't find a connection. Now that I'm looking at the output from my list, I'm seeing names that we're considering as possible connections (even though we're not sure how). Is it possible that TMG is "seeing" a connection that we're missing (I wish!) even though they're marked with a "?)? Probably not. I just found someone who doesn't seem to fit at all. I guess that was a pipe dream at best.
  4. Filter for flag

    Okay. I have a flag for a particular family not related to me. Let's call that the SMITH GROUP. I may have accidentally added some people to this group who don't belong. (After I posted the original message in this thread, I figured out how to change the default, so I hope that won't happen again!) So...Report, List of People, Filtered group, User Filter 1 (for example), Add(?), find the SMITH GROUP...and then what do I use for "Value"? Or am I missing a step? I was thinking I should use "Y" for the value, but when I do, I'm getting a message, "178 qualified people found. Are you sure you want to change CONNECTED #1 flag to "Y" for these people?" I'm obviously doing something quite wrong because I don't want to change the flag but want to see is a list of people for whom I've already used "Y" (for "yes") to see who doesn't belong in that flagged group. Hope that helps...and thanks for your reply.
  5. My new laptop has a much higher resolution than my old one. As a result, the size of the text on the "main" screen (Explorer, Details, Flags, Children, Siblings, and Image) is very small, as is the text when I'm entering a new tag. Well, actually, everything is very small, which is tough on my eyes. I have used various methods to increase text size in general, including reducing the resolution, using an app that applies 8.1 DPI scaling, etc. These fixes work in other programs, but so far I haven't been able to do much with TMG. Any suggestions? Thanks...
  6. Backup file suddenly smaller

    Thanks, Jim, for checking the backups. You found that "The project in the larger backup has not been optimized." I obviously have to optimize more often. WHEW!
  7. I just noticed that my backup files (.sqz) suddenly became smaller in mid-January. I hadn't changed anything. I don't include exhibits, and back up just the Project Data Files, Accents, and Filters. The drop was from 12,000+ Kb to 3,000+ Kb. When I backed up my customizations just now, the file was 600+ Kb. I don't know how the customization file and .sqz file should compare in size, but considering the fact that my Simple Picklist shows almost 8,500 names, in addition to all the data I've added, shouldn't the comparison show a great difference? Any thoughts as to what I should do to ensure that nothing bad has happened...or whether somehow my backups are incomplete in some way? I tested a backup the other day, and it seemed to work fine (as far as I can tell!). Thanks in advance....
  8. Backup file suddenly smaller

    Will do. Thanks!
  9. Backup file suddenly smaller

    Hmmm...apparently Windows 10 "zip" has had some problems. Perhaps one of those issues was related to the discrepancy I'm seeing. Jim Byram seems to think that the smaller .sqz file is more appropriate for my database than the larger one, and the smaller one is newer. But would that affect my TMG backups?
  10. Backup file suddenly smaller

    I'm using the "unzip" program that comes with Windows 10. I have always used "normal" compression. Both the larger and smaller unzipped files have the similar (actually the same for the "bunch" I compared) compression ratios. This makes no sense to me!
  11. Backup file suddenly smaller

    The ZIP files appear to be identical. Since I haven't changed the compression, how is this possible with such different-size backups?
  12. Backup file suddenly smaller

    Ah, good idea about checking the ZIP files. Thanks for the suggestion...and the possible explanation for why I wasn't receiving notifications.
  13. Backup file suddenly smaller

    Sorry for the delay. I wasn't notified of a new posting -- sometimes that feature works and sometimes it doesn't! I do manage my exhibits outside of TMG. The only reason I did a backup that included exhibits is because you suggested that I "Check to see the size of a project backup that includes exhibits," which I did, and then asked if there's any reason to do such a backup. Thanks very much for your help. I guess I'll never know why my backups were larger for what seems like forever and suddenly became smaller with no changes that I'm aware of having made!
  14. Backup file suddenly smaller

    With almost 800 exhibits the total is 261,630. Is there ever any reason to do a backup that includes exhibits?
  15. Backup file suddenly smaller

    Thanks, Jim. There are no internal exhibits. I never knew where to find the number of people in the project summary, but since you mentioned it, I looked my project summary and saw that there are 5562. I knew that the 8500 names included all the variations and wasn't too helpful, and now I know where to find the "real" number. I wonder why the backup file was so much larger earlier since I don't recall making any changes that would have affected that total. Thank you for making me feel better. :-)
  16. Mother/wife duplication

    Everything seems to be okay. I think I've been inconsistent on how I've handled missing names. I see that in one case I used "Israel's Wife #1"...for better or for worse! Thanks for the suggestions. I see that --?-- appears automatically since I've chosen that for "empty name text" in reports.
  17. I have a married couple, Morris and Sophie, in my database. Somehow Sophie also appears as Morris's mother, therefore Morris as Sophie's child. Both wife Sophie and mother Sophie have the same I.D. number. How do I remove Sophie the mother without losing her as Morris's wife. I suspect there's an easy solution, but I don't want to accidentally delete needed information. I did perform all the maintenance options on the outside chance that would help, which, of course, it didn't. If try to delete the tag defining the mother/son relationship, I'm told, "Primary parent confusion." I agree -- there's confusion! Thanks in advance for helping me solve this issue.
  18. Mother/wife duplication

    Is there any reason why my solution would create a problem? Thanks everyone for your input. It's very reassuring to know you are here.
  19. Mother/wife duplication

    Okay, I think I may have fixed it.I had Dovid and Sophie married (wrong!), with Morris as their son -- but Morris was actually married to Sophie. So I added a new wife to Dovid (with just Dovid's surname since I don't know her name -- I could probably just leave everything blank = unknown), deleted his marriage to Sophie, and everything looks good. Does anyone see a potential problem with that?
  20. Mother/wife duplication

    Do you want to see the project (if you promise not to laugh at my methods!!)? Is repairing it a big job?
  21. Mother/wife duplication

    I tried making the mother non-primary, but that hasn't changed anything. And if I try to delete the ID number, I get "The tag must have at least one principal." I thought about creating a new wife, having her marry Morris (which should keep the children intact), and then deleting Sophie shown as Morris's mother...or somehow using a merge????
  22. Mother/wife duplication

    Thanks for your message, Terry. I've been trying to do that. If I just hit the "delete" key, I get the message, "Primary Parent Confusion." If I right-click the mother tag, the "Delete this tag" option is grayed out.
  23. Journal Report printing problem

    Jim, this is the first time this has happened since I purchased this Windows 10 laptop two years ago! At least it works on the second try, but I can't imagine what changed (unless a Windows update is the culprit).
  24. Today I had 13 Journal Reports to save as .pdf files. I chose "printer," clicked "Create Report," and while "calculating text for x people" received a message "Unable to start the print job" and "TerPrint 2, Error Code 5."In every instance (13 reports!), when I tried again to print the Journal Report...I was able to do so. Very strange, IMO. In general, it didn't seem to matter how many people were included in the report, although when I tested VERY small reports, they worked. There was no problem with Descendant Indented Charts. Meanwhile, I tried all the maintenance options (although I questioned whether they were even going to be helpful) AND I rebooted my laptop. Nothing helped. Any idea what I have to do to avoid having to go through the process of saving Journal Reports as .pdf files twice? I would be happy to provide any other information that may help troubleshoot this issue...which has never happened before! Thanks in advance.
  25. Journal Report printing problem

    The fact that it works fine the second time is what's very strange. I'm using the Microsoft Print to PDF option and "Printer" as report destination. Where would I reset the report configuration...or is what I've told you so far correct?