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    I have run the TMG Sydney User Group since its inception in 2004.
  1. TMG V9 crashing on Win8, repetitive unlocks required

    Mine doesn't crash (thank heavens) but my registration is only remembered if I run as Administrator. If I log in normally I have to enter my code all over again, but if I run as Administrator I don't - it seems to remember. I've moved to a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and I use TMG all day every day for client work. Cheers Carole
  2. Thanks Jim, I suspected as much. Teresa, thank you too for your input, I found that post about RootsMagic myself. Cheers Carole
  3. I have been sent a .ftmb file. I suspect it is a Family Tree Maker 2008 backup file but I don't really know. I also don't know whether TMG7 can import a FTM2008 file, but it certainly doesn't want anything to do with this one. Can anyone tell me what it is and what I should ask for instead? Cheers Carole
  4. Associated Application Not Found

    I am relieved to hear that this problem is being worked on; it's still a problem for me on my nice new Vista-32 laptop. Cheers Carole Riley TMG Sydney User Group Convener
  5. Error occurs when adding a new person

    Thanks Virginia for your suggestion. It now also happens even if I'm not adding a new person, but updating tags on an existing person. It is becoming very annoying. Carole
  6. In the last couple of days I have started getting the following error when adding a new person: Alias ‘BASE2’ is not found. 0 FRMEXPLORER.CNTPVIEW.CNTTREE.MLOADDATASETS The person then seems to be added – if I hit OK again I get a message about the ID already being used. And then if I try to go to another person I get an Open Table (.dbf) window. The Project Explorer goes blank. It seems to only happen when I have the Project Explorer open, which it usually is. I am using 6.09 UK version, and have 10327 names and 7625 people. I've tried shutting down, and I've tried all the Mintenance tasks like Validating File Integrity. Any ideas? Thanks Carole
  7. Sydney TMG User Group

    Contact: Carole Riley - email address: caroleriley@optusnet.com.au Meeting info: Third Saturday of every 2nd month from February at the Society of Australian Genealogists in Kent St in The Rocks (it will be easiest to check our web site for details, or theirs) Web site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TMGSydney/ The web site contains a calendar and allows messages to be received and answered by other members. Other info: Meetings are generally led by a member regarding a particular topic. We try to have a short presentation on a basic topic for beginners, followed by a more advanced topic, although sometimes these blend together on the same topic. We then discuss broader issues and members' questions as they come up. Visitors are very welcome.