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  1. Using the Start menu, I successfully upgraded to 8.01. The website says that 8.02 is the current version, so I next tried to check for an update to 8.02, but the website says that I have the current version. Are we midstream in getting 8.02 up? Michael Freeland
  2. Never mind - I "found" it. I'm getting the feeling that 7.02 graphics don't do very well with XP. For example, font sizes seem to change randomly. I'll keep working with the program to try and find benefits of new features. If I can't find any, I may just go back to 6.12.
  3. Just upgraded from 6.12 to 7.02 (not sure why, since I'm sticking with XP). In the Person View, the Tag Box has only four columns: Type, Date, M, S. It should have the Name/Place column, but I can't figure out how to add it. Any ideas?
  4. Journal Report seems to be broken

    That was not the problem. I have tried running the report with selected tags, checking all, no fix. The report as configured works with several lines, but not this one. I have alternate names, will try running the report on another person with an alternate name, see if that works.
  5. I frequently run a Descendants Journal Report. Before running it, I go through and check to make sure that the options "stuck" since last report, but I rarely change anything other than the number of generations to be included. I recently installed v6.09 update. When I ran the Descendants Journal Report, I am getting inapproriate output. Basically, a number of Tags are not being included. To check that it was not person specific, I ran an Individual Narrative, which worked fine. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the Journal Report in 6.09? I tried calling WG, but the office was closed, and I need to get this report out. HELP! I seem to have the birth tags missing on a particular line. This is really bad. Not only is it ignoring birth tags, it is routinely indicating that a spouse was "unknown person" when in fact the spouse is extrmely well known. I will delete the report and then make a new one, but I don't think this is going to help. Next week, I am doing a side by side demo of TMG with FTM and I need to get this fixed. Well, I was wrong, Virginia had spotted the problem. I had "Include blank surety" checked, but I had not checked anything for threshold. When I checked "No Threshold" everything worked fine again. Not sure how it got unchecked, but selecting a Threshold apparently is a critical option. Thanks, Virginia!