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  1. GenBridge download

    The GenBridge that is available from Wholly Genes for free is for software developers who what to add this capability to their own programs. TMG already has this capability built in. You do not need to do anything additional to use it from TMG. Ken
  2. GEDCOM name TITL field for TMG import

    Thanks Kevin, John, and Jim, With your help it is now wroking. I create the following GEDCOM tags. 0 @I27@ INDI 1 NAME Abraham Railing /Brandyberry/ 2 NPFX Rev. 2 GIVN Abraham Railing 2 SURN Brandyberry Then I use the TMG advanced import and select the NPFX/GIVN/SURN option. The result is just one name with all the correct parts. I don't use the TITL tag anymore. Best Reagrds, Ken A. Grolle
  3. GEDCOM name TITL field for TMG import

    Hello Jim, Thanks for the information. I have not been able to get NPFX to work either. Here are some tests I ran. I am using TMG 6.09. Test 1: 0 @I19@ INDI 1 NAME Rev. Abraham Railing /Brandyberry/ 2 TITL Rev. Result: TMG popup error on import: “Variable PER1SHOW is not found. 0 TAGTITL” Buttons on the popup are “Abort”, “Retry” and “Ignore” If I click “abort”, bad news. TMG import window grays out, and the sample project is automatically loaded. The only way to close TMG that I found after this is with <CTL>-<ALT>-<DEL>. If I click ignore, the import continues, but the TITL tags are not imported. (and not listed in TMG import report) If I click retry, the popup window disappears and reappears. After import given name is “Rev. Abraham Railing”. No title (empty). If I take “Rev.” out of the NAME tag, behavior is the same (except given name drops “Rev.”) Test 2: 0 @I24@ INDI 1 NAME Rev. Simeon W. /Brandyberry/ 2 NPFX Rev. Result: No TMG errors on import. Import report has no problems indicated. After import given name is “Rev. Simeon W.”. No title (empty). Test 3: 0 @I19@ INDI 1 NAME Abraham Railing /Brandyberry/ 1 TITL Rev. Result: No TMG errors on import. Import report has no problems indicated. After import given name is “Abraham Railing”. No title (empty). A second name-var containing only the title “Rev.” Test 4: 0 @I19@ INDI 1 NAME Rev. Abraham Railing /Brandyberry/ 1 NPFX Rev. or 0 @I19@ INDI 1 NAME Abraham Railing /Brandyberry/ 1 NPFX Rev. Result: No TMG errors on import. Import report has no problems indicated. Person has “GEDCOM” tag in TMG with memo field set to “Unknown GEDCOM tag: NPFX Rev.” So far my best result is using #3 and living with a seperate name-var tag containing only the title. It would be nice if I could get the title into the primary name. The odd thing is that in the expanded picklist, the title field shows up on the primary name, even though it is only in a seperate name-var tag. I have attached my small GED test file in case anyone has any other ideas. (rename extension to GED) Best Regards, Ken A. Grole Brandyberry.txt
  4. Hello All, I am working on a program to create a GEDCOM file. I will use it to mainly import to data specifically to TMG. If I use the GEDCOM "TITL" tag, when I import to TMG it gets assigned to a 2nd name-var tag and not to the primary name. (I am only exporting one name per indivual.) I have not tried to put the title into the individual (@IXX@ ) line, as I suspect then it will be taken as part of the name and not a title. (I will experiment with this.) Is there a way to add a title to the primary name of an individual using GEDCOM Thanks, Ken A. Grolle
  5. Hello All, I save a text only copy of the web site data in a compressed file. I do not save images only the text (in most cases). I site the web site as well as my stored copy. If the web site disappears or changes, I can always go to my saved copy. I wrote a program to save genealogical reports posted to the web automatically several years back. It can save hundreds (or thousands) of pages without the user having to navigate to each page and click save. It only saves the text, the resuting saved pages can be compressed and take very little space on a hard drive. I offer it free to anyone that wants it. Send an email to WPSaver@hotmail_NOSPAM_.com. (remove the _NOSPAM_ from the email address). I am now working on another program to take the saved web pages and convert them back into electronic format. Perhaps in will be completed in another year. Best Regards, Ken
  6. Error during VFI

    During a data entry session, I clicked on a wife in a marriage tag. The screen switched to the wife. When I clicked on the husband in the marriage tag to get back, I was taken to a different person (different ID). The two men were both named King Louis, one had a suffix of I and the other of IV. They are definitely different people in the database. The second King Loius has no connection to the first King Louis' wife. I stopped entering data and ran VFI. VFI gave me error pop up windows (3 of them). I clicked the retry option on the error message and the VFI continued. At the end of the VFI it reported 6 potential error corrected. I then re-indexed, optimized, and re-ran VFI again. No errors on the second VFI. The marriage tag then switched between the correct people. I short time later it happened again on a different individual. I ran VFI and got the exact same three error pop ups. I again ran reindex, VFI and optimize. After the VFI that caused the pop up error messages, again 6 potential error were corrected. The subsequent VFI reported no further errors. This has now happened to me 3 times today. This is unusual behavior. I enter lots of data and this is the first time I am seeing this. Does this indicate a problem in my project? Is there anything I can do to correct this?
  7. The _N file is the list on names file. You can ignore all of the other files.