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  1. I've been doing a lot of work on charts lately and would like to include the Name Memo on the chart but cannot find it on the list of fields that can be included. Is it possible?
  2. VCF Name Memo

    Thanks...afraid of that...
  3. Add button on toolbar

    Not sure why you are double clicking on the name. To add a death date add a death tag with a date. If a death tag already exists with no date double click on the death tag to open it and add the date.
  4. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    Thanks, I'll try it..
  5. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    How do you remove Safe Search from Firefox? I tried it but it doesn't seem to take. Under options removed from search options and removed from toolbar. Sitll get warning message.
  6. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    I'm using Norton Security Suite ver. Been using for at least a year, just started getting message yesterday.
  7. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    I'm getting the same thing from Norton....
  8. TMG-L

    Can someone tell me if the TMG-L list is still active? I have received nothing for the past four days nor have I received any notice that I have been unsubscribed. Additionally, I cannot access the archives...times out everytime...
  9. Blank Family Group Sheets

    Family Group Sheet Report>Options>General--check Blank chart and indicate the number of children sections you want included...
  10. Report limited to citations with single source

    List of Events, filter No. Citations = 1
  11. For the most part I've had no problems with Windows 10, but I have found that I can not print from the Print Preview. Am able to send to Word Processors (Word/WordPerfect) and print. Any ideas?
  12. Cannot print from Print Preview in Windows 10

    Found time to test work around this morning... This appears to have worked. I rarely use PDF but checked it when I was having other print problems under Widows 10. All of my print issues appear to be solved. Thanks Jim.
  13. Cannot print from Print Preview in Windows 10

    Thanks for the reply, Jim. I'm not going to be able to try it until late tomorrow...will let you know the results....
  14. Cannot print from Print Preview in Windows 10

    Follow-up to above... Run TMG as Admistrator and can print to PDF Run TMG normally print to PDF gives "Error code -20
  15. Cannot print from Print Preview in Windows 10

    Problem solved...almost Found that I also had problem printing to PDF....when I tried I was asked if I wanted to install PDF printer and said yes but got error and report was not created. Exited TMG and ran as Administrator, reinstall PDF printer, that worked. Tried to print from screen and that now works. Restarted TMG normally and print from screen still works....but now Print to PDF not working again....am getting message "Printer not activated, error code -20" followed by "Unable to start Print Job" followed by "Error exporting to ....."
  16. You have to save the layout to retain the preferences. You can have different font sizes for different layouts.
  17. Picklist Sorting

    Do you have any name styles defined? If so look at them as a possible source of the problem.
  18. Unexpected Filter

    Right click in the detail section of the Person View, select Filter and uncheck any filters selected.
  19. Missing msvcr71.dll

    If you search the forum for mscvr71.dll you find several posts on the problem. The solution seems to be to download the trial version form the WG web site and reinstall
  20. Upgraded to 9.02, ran VFI which completed. When closed completion window got message ErrorMarker: Numeric overflow. Data was lost. 1084 FRMDETAILS.CNTEVENTLIST.MPREPAREEVENTS3 Was data actually lost and how do I tell what was lost? Aborted out of message and TMG was locked up. All menu items grayed out. Tried Centering Current Window with no results, had to CAD and end task.
  21. 9.02 Error after running VFI

    More followup Restored from last backup in 9.01. Was switching between individuals trying to get a handle on another problem I am seeing but have not reported as of yet and after making a few switches starting getting error again ErrorMarker: Numeric overflow. Data was lost. 1084 FRMDETAILS.CNTEVENTLIST.MPREPAREEVENTS3 and again getting when opening a tag and click OK Have to go away this evening so I am not going to be able to do any further research on this until tomorrow.
  22. 9.02 Error after running VFI

    Follow up to above. Restarted TMG and now everytime I switched to another individual I get error message ErrorMarker: Numeric overflow. Data was lost. 1084 FRMDETAILS.CNTEVENTLIST.MPREPAREEVENTS3 Click Ignore and can continue Open a tag and and click OK can continue. Click Cancel in open tag and no problem Am going to restore from backup.
  23. TMG-L

    Thanks everyone...
  24. Relationship calculator problem

    It depends on who is the focus when you add a new person. If the focus is a blood relative the relationship will be calculated, if not no relationship will be calculated. For example if you add a child to your blood related Aunt the relationship is calculated. If you add the child to her husband (your Uncle by marriage) the relationship will not be calculated. Based on my experiences and testing. That being said, it is always best to refresh the relationships every so often after entering new persons ...
  25. Go to Update Center on Wholly Genes site. Select Product you want, i.e. Gold Edition Under "If you have..." column find your current product (8.xx) On that line select Download only or Download and CD and add to cart Go to check out and follow instructions, I believe they will ask for you v8 unlock code to verify you own the product