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  1. I knew I could make the attachments. I didn't realize it would open the appropriate viewer. (I usually use SS for the display of the data, which obviously handles the content-types.) I suppose then my real wish would make the entry more clear, which apparently is on track for v7. See, sometimes wishes do come true! Now, that little OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Devil) on my shoulder still complains about those extra spaces. "They bother me...", it whines... Thanks! John
  2. Gold Edition v 6.12.000 Right-clicking on the Exhibit Log to add a new item brings up a floating menu. The following entries have extraneous spaces: "Insert new [sic] movie", "Insert new [sic] text", and "Insert new [sic] OLE". (Okay, I'm picking nits here...) My wish: For added exhibits, if TMG itself can not display an item, use an OS-defined external application to display it. (Attached .PDF files could be opened in Adobe (or ...), .EML files are opened by the default email application, etc.) Thanks! John
  3. Master Repository List Bug

    Thanks again, Jim! It's working great now, and is helping me to finally move away from my Piles filing system! John
  4. I have a relatively small list of repositories, but when I attempt to edit some repositories, I am shown the incorrect repository (always number 2). 1-23 work fine 24-28 always show repository number 2 29-30 work fine 31 always shows repository number 2 32-34 work fine I tried VFI, with no problems found, but had the same results. Any thoughts? [Minor nit on a related note -- Is there any way to double-click the last item visible in the list without selecting and editing the next item down? The first click apparently acts a single-click, which moves the list up by one. The second click lands on the next item down, causing it to be the one edited.] I should also note that I'm using v6.12. John
  5. Error creating "List of People"

    That seems to have fixed it. Thanks! John
  6. Hello! I've run into an error while creating a "List of People" report. I am trying to create a list of people from a particular focus group. It seems to compete, making it to 100%, but the file isn't created, and I receive the following errors: 1. "Operator/operand type mismatch. 0 NOSENSI" <Abort>/<Retry>/<Ignore> 2. <I Select Ignore> "Function argument value, type, or count is invalid." <Abort>/<Retry>/<Ignore> 3. etc. I've tried the following to resolve the problem: o Added individuals to my focus group - Same problem. o Tried validating my file integrity - Same problem. o Changing output from XLS to CSV. - Same problem. o Selected all people in project. - Same problem. Thanks, John
  7. I'll third (fourth, fifth, etc.) this one!