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  1. Error during backup

    Unfortunately, I have to write this from memory so hope it is all correct. I had the same problem. After reading everything I could find from others having the same problem I found a solution accidentally. This is what I did. 1. Click File 2. Click Preferences 3. Click Advanced 4. Double click on Backups (the file/location long address in a window) Starts with "C:\Users\(username)\documnets" etc. (username) being the name of your computer in the file system 5. Folder does not exist pops up 6. Choose create folder and address from step 4 will disappear 7. Close Preferences, go back into the program, and the problem is solved. I guess the proper folder has disappeared and needs the program to know where to put it. I really can't help with any questions because this all happened by accident and I only hope I wrote it all in proper order. I can't do it again because it is fixed.