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  1. How can I get the husband to be listed first on the page? Every time I run the report for all persons in project, the wife is always at the top of the page and the husband is next. I'd prefer to have males first.. Thanks, Marlene
  2. Family Group Sheet

    Finally figured it out - Every person had a page that started with him/her. This just happened to start with some females, but the pages I really wanted are further in the report.
  3. When I try to add a new Source or Edit an existing source, the Source Definition screen is too far up on the screen and I cannot access the tabs (General, Supplemental, Attachments, Output Form). I cannot grab and drag the window down. I even tried closing the Toolbars, but that only sent the screen up further (under TMG main menu list and Windows blue line). I have completely uninstalled TMG 7 and reinstalled it - still there. I opened app.ini file to change "frmviewsourceTop" to a larger number. The only thing under was "frmmastersourcesSort=2", so I added "frmviewsourceTop=200". That didn't fix it. Any suggestions? [screen capture of the problem in attachment] Marlene SourceDefScreen.doc
  4. I reinstalled TMG 7 (3rd time) and it works now.
  5. Unfortunately, nothing on the Windows menu is available for use when the Source Definition window is open.
  6. Where are the settings for the font size on the Tag Entry screen. It's so small and light that I can barely see the words. I have set the font sizes for the family view, etc., but have not found one that affects the Tag Entry screen. TIA! Marlene
  7. Font on Tag Entry screen

    Thank you so much! Made a huge difference!