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  1. I'm considering upgrading to Windows 10, but will not do so if TMG 8 is incompatible. I see posts that TMG 9 should do fine (I assume I can no longer get ver. 9), but I see no mention of whether TMG 8 will work.
  2. TMG's Tip #33 says to right-click on the "Other Info" list at the top right of the Details window. My eyesight must be failing me, because I do not see this anywhere. Am I missing something? Steve..
  3. Now that I have over 6,000 people in my database, I have decided to drastically modify the marriage tag sentence structure (thanks to the new reminder button in which I can keep track of "[R:Groom] || [R:Groom's father] || [R:Groom's mother] || [R:Bride] || [R:Bride's father] || [R:Bride's mother] || general memo." I cannot apply the new structure to the old entries without modifying the memo field of each, so I've created a new tag "Marriage1." Is it possible to have <CTRL-M> bring up the new "Marriage1" tag instead of the old "Marriage" tag? Or is it possible to make all the old marriage tags "Marriage1" and then use my new sentence structure for "Marriage"? Steve..
  4. I have modified my marriage tag sentence structure as follows: [R:Groom]<, [M1]><son of [R:Groom's father]><, [M2]> < and [R:Groom's mother]><, [M3],> married [R:Bride]<, [M4]><daughter of [R:Bride's father]><, [M5]> < and [R:Bride's mother]><, [M6],> <[D]> <in [L]><[M7]> Everyone is assigned to their proper roles, and I've double-checked to make sure the spelling of the roles matches that of the sentence structure, but all I'm getting on a Journal Report (and I assume it would appear the same with Second Site) is: M. Henry Powers, 26, of Wilmot N.H., white, laborer, son of Wm. M. Powers, 54, of West Andover, N.H., a merchant born in Springfield, N.H., and Mary J [bean? illeg.], 52, of West Andover, N.H., a housewife born in Springfield, N.H. married[R:Bride]. Why is it not listing the bride's name, and not completing the sentence? Steve..
  5. http://freepages.family.rootsweb.com/~solongago/ "Relatives of Steven G. Levine - Includes Colby, Woodbury, Cary, Woodward, Morgan, Hale, Houghton, Smith, Hammond, Green, Sargent, Wheeler, Davis, Eastman, Elliot, Hadley, Brown, Duncklee, Thurston, Mason, Ordway, Neal, Sawyer, Walker, and related families" I used Carla's Garphics format, but replaced all default images with my own, mostly from century old sheet music. Brinesoft batch text replacer was used to drop the top of the pages a couple lines to keep them out of the way of the ancestry.com top banner. I'm also starting to use it to eliminate the unnecessary source numbers. Steve..
  6. When you select a location in Master Place List, and click <Edit>, there are fields for Start Date and End Date. I've never use these, and I don't know what effect these might have on data entry outside these limits. (Does anyone know?) But I doubt it is a retroactive fix. Steve.. http://freepages.family.rootsweb.com/~solo...aster_index.htm http://freepages.misc.rootsweb.com/~solongago/lucas.htm