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  1. QUOTE (Virginia Blakelock @ 25 Nov 2011, 10:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Vernon - That census table format is a non-standard use of TMG and I don't necessarily recommend it. I use TMG primarily for research - with tabular output only (Family Group Sheets, Individual Detail reports, one-page charts) rather than narrative output like Journal reports which I expect 99% of TMG users prefer. My tabular format uses Copy Tag and split memos for a census - where each person in the census has their own census tag - instead of the Witness feature which is the more conventional way to enter census data. -------- So, Virginia, is there a way to create a report that is similar to your table output? I just want a report very much like your tabular report, that shows each census year recorded for a person, and the people listed with that person. I don't want a narrative output either. It's way too late to go back and start redoing all the census entries for my families since I have them listed as a witness. But it sure seems there should be a way to print a report that would be similar to the Census tag entry screen where you list the husband and wife as primaries and the other people as witnesses. This may be in the other answers, but if so, they were not quite basic enough for me. LOL Thanks! Betsy
  2. erased program

    Will try that - I have Windows 7 - 32 bit.
  3. erased program

    I don't have an x86 folder. No, the antivirus program isn't removing it - at least it isn't in the reports as a threat and if the antivirus program were removing or quarantining it, it would be happening immediately after a scan, not on a reboot.
  4. erased program

    C:Program FilesThe Master Genealogist v8 - and when I reinstall, this is where it places the program again by default. I don't have a C:Program Files (x86) folder that I see. Betsy
  5. erased program

    When I click on the icon to start the program, it tells me that it can remove that icon for me since the program that the icon refers to is no longer installed on my computer. (Isn't it helpful?) When I go to the location of the program, which is in the c:Program Files directory, most or all of the other files are still there, but tmg8.exe is no longer there. The data files are not removed.
  6. erased program

    I'm having a similar problem, but every time I reboot my computer, it deletes the tmg8.exe file and who knows what else. It tells me the program is no longer installed. I have reinstalled, multiple times, have had to (at times) completely remove and reinstall the program. In case you are wondering, yes, I am backing up my files every time I add anything at this point. I am using Windows 7 and have not had any problems until recently. Any suggestions? I get tired of having to reinstall and register and re-enter all my preferences, etc.
  7. Help with locked dataset

    Aha! I have no clue why it didn't update automatically, but that did fix my problem! Afte rthe update, I was able to unlock the data set. Thanks, Virginia!
  8. Help with locked dataset

    Should I mention I also have a data set that has 21,800 people in it that is my main project. I was starting this other one for a friend to get them started. <G> I have been a TMG user since it was a blue screen with white letters.
  9. Help with locked dataset

    But this isn't an unregistered version of TMG. It is Gold Edition, v 8.04.0000
  10. I imported a gedcom file trying to save time entering some family data. I wanted it to be unlocked so I could remove some of the people and add more of my line. It never gave me the option whether to import it as locked or unlocked and the button is grayed out in the Data Set Manager. I have tried to figure out how to export some of the people to a new project, but that option is also grayed out. Is there any way to do this other than just manually entering this whole family into a new project??? Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. I got a FoxPro error message this afternoon and had to close the project. When I restarted the program, I added a new person, but in trying to add the Citation Source, I get the error message: --------------------------- The Master Genealogist --------------------------- Index does not match the table. Delete the index file and re-create the index. 56 TMGAPPOBJ.MREPPUSHS --------------------------- Abort Retry Ignore --------------------------- I deleted all the .CDX files and when I restarted the program, it indexed. But it is still giving me the same error as above. Next suggestion? Thanks! Betsy
  12. List of people report

    Thanks! I swear I looked all over for the column setup and couldn't find it. For some reason, it was there this time!
  13. List of people report

    Similarly, I want a list of people buried in XX County, AR - but I want it to show the birth date, death date, and cemetery name which is in the detail field. I had a report set up to retrieve the list of people, but it shows the name, death date and birth date only. Any way to do this?
  14. I have discovered that some Marriage events are not set to primary. Is there a way to filter for those records? Thanks! Betsy
  15. Godparents-godchildren links

    No, it didn't answer my question. I don't care whether it creates a blood-relationship or not. I just want a Family Group Sheet that shows something like: Father: xxxxx Mother: xxxxx Father-Ado: xxxx Mother-Ado: xxxx I also want the children to be listed like the other children are on the adoptive parents' report. If those tags don't ever print, why bother ever using them at all? I don't have an Adoption event because I do not know that they were adopted for sure as they were "taken in" and took the last name of the family that took them. I don't have a date for when this occured. If adopted children are every much part of the family as birth children are, why treat them as a "witness to an event" rather than as "real" children. Betsy