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  1. ASUS EEE & thumbdrive

    Dear everyone, Thank you all for your suggestions. I think that I will be able to do some informative legwork now towards making my decision. You guys are great. Always, Debbie
  2. ASUS EEE & thumbdrive

    Dear Jim, Thank you for this information. I will look into it. I am curious thou as you are saying only 1GB and someone previously on this thread said that I need at least 80GB to run TMG on it? As I am not computer savory which is it that I need. I would want to install the complete TMG and have it user friendly when I am at a research location. Always, Debbie
  3. ASUS EEE & thumbdrive

    Dear TMG users, I also am in the market for a netbook to carry back and forth to locations. Need something lightweight that I can easily install TMG onto. I am not good with computers so easy is the word. Also need it to be cost effective. I looked at the OQO site that Michael Hannah had recommended and it seems nice except for the price and typing with my thumbs will not work. Oh also will need to keep a daily journal/calendar on it. So any other suggestions? Always, Debbie
  4. I am still new with the program even though I am approaching my one year anniversary with TMG. I feel that I am at a standstill with how to enter my census information. Because I am so new with the program I am not overly concerned about the sentence structure but I use the program to mainly organize all of the years of infomation that I have gathered. I want to be aware of who the head of the household is and who lived at the same address in any given census year. In the citation memo under the tag entry screen is where I record the pertinent information on the individual. At this point, as I had imported my information from Family Tree Maker, each person has his own census tag. I think that I should be doing it differently and having the head and ?spouse? as primary people and the family members listed as witnesses. Does this sound logical? If I do it this way where can I put my little census information about each person? I am sorry that this is long and may sound confusing. But I am confused. Anyones help is appreciated. Always, Debbie
  5. Country Abbreviations

    Dear GJ, Maybe but not sure. Looks sort of the same. Are these the codes that most TMG users use for countries? Always, Debbie
  6. Dear TMG Users, I am new to the program but am loving it so far. I remember seeing someplace a list of abbreviations for various countries but of course can not find it now. In particular I don't know whether to use DEU or DE for Germany and would like it to be correct the first time I make corrections from my recent FTM import. Can anyone offer their suggestions or help? Always, Debbie