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  1. Dahl Clan http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~cdahl/ Primary surnames include: DAHL , SCHABER , BEDNARIK , KUCZYUSKI , KHANNA , KAPOOR , GANDHI , NAGPAL, STURZENACKER, KLUCHER
  2. Problems installing TMG 7

    Worked like a charm!! Thanks Procat!!
  3. V7 Installation Problem

    First off my compliments to Mr & Mrs Elletee for coming up with an excellent fix and posting such precise instructions. Secondly this is a WG software bug and needs to be recognized as such and fixed. I have installed scores of software programs and never before had to perform obscure and potentially dangerous registry edits. Also judging by this thread the problem appears more widespread than suggested. Regardless TMG is still the absolute best genealogy software product available!! Thanks.
  4. I just purchased download upgrade of TMG 7. I downloaded the TMG7 program and installed. At the completion of the installation (reaches 100%) I obtain a message: "Updating System Configuration. Please Wait" After about 15-20 seconds I get another message: "You do not have access to make requires system configuration modfication. Please rerun the installation from an Administrators account". I tried several times uninstalling, rebooting, and redownloading from scratch with no success. I am running Windows XP Pro and I am certain I am running under Administator account. In fact just to make sure I went to "MyComputer/Manage//User" and Administrator account I am running under is a "Member of" the following: "Administrator", "Backup Operator", "HelpServer Group", "Network Config Options", "Power User", "Remote Desktop User" , "Replicator", and "User". I also went to directory and made sure TMG7 directory has access for "Everyone" "Full Control" . The computer where I am trying to install I have used for several years and never obtained this message before. TMG v6.12 still works fine but I am dead in the water with Version 7. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!