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  1. Wal, please follow the steps as provided in Jim Byram's topic "Re-Installing TMG8" here: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=14634
  2. You're most welcome, Louis.
  3. Louis, this is a known issue ("special characters are omitted") which is also true for other languages as well, like Norwegian - Swedish - German etc., and which has already been reported. It should be fixed in a future version of TMG. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. TMG8, you're leaving me hanging....

    Bitte, sehr gerne geschehen. However, it seems to me that you may have misunderstood or may be misinterpreting what I was trying to suggest as a temporary test only while your pc is NOT connected to the internet!! Other than that I am still convinced (supported by the information you provided) that any other third party software and/or service running on your machine may be causing TMG's hangs in your specific situation.
  5. TMG8, you're leaving me hanging....

    From your descriptions above I get the idea that any other application and/or service running on your system may be the root cause of these "application hanging issues" you're experiencing. The dump file indicates a possible conflict with vfp9 (MS Visual Fox Pro 9 = TMG's "underlying, essential database"). The following is just something to try in order to see if it makes a difference: - close all other applications - turn your virus scanner / firewall and all other possibly installed "security software programs" off - stop any/all automated update-services (i.e. virus, spam etc..), running in the background on your system. Then run TMGv8 and work with it for some time (please not just a few minutes). Does it still hang?
  6. Add New Person - Error Message

    You're welcome, Edwina.
  7. Add New Person - Error Message

    Error could be replicated, was reported and will be fixed in the next version of TMGv8.
  8. Add New Person - Error Message

    Thanks, Edwina. In your user data folder "The Master Genealogist v8" there's a sub-folder "Logs" and this contains a file: error.txt Could you please make a copy of that file and send it to my email address: vpanews(at)t-online.de ? [bTW: Other than that I trust you already ran TMG's maintenance routines on your project.]
  9. Add New Person - Error Message

    Edwina, thanks for your reply and the detailed description. I'll try to replicate this using your approach as outlined above. I do have one additional question, though: You wrote: How did you do that, i.e. by using the TAB key or...????
  10. Make sure that hidden files and folders are shown Uninstall the program TMGv8, if you may have it installed multiple times (i.e. the US version as well as the UK version uninstall all) Look for any remnant program folder(s) "The Master Genealogist v8" - delete it/them Look for the folder(s) "The Master Genealogist v8 Installer" - delete it/them Re-start your system and log on as Administrator Download the 30-day-free-trial for the UK Version of TMGv8 and save it i.e. own your desktop (No absolute need, however I'd do it: close all other applications, temporarily turn your virus scanner off. After TMGv8 installed successfully, don't forget to turn your virus scanner on again.) Now run the 30-day-free-trial for TMGv8.02 UK Version = tmg8uksetup.exe and make sure that you use the same program folder as for your previous TMGv8 version/installation
  11. This is no immediate help to your issue, sorry. However.... Your OS is: Windows XP, right? Do you still have this file tmginstall.log ? If so, please send me a copy of it to my email: vpanews(at)t-online.de May be that will provide additional hints.
  12. I would contact Wholly Genes support directly and have them look at your issue. support@whollygenes.com
  13. Rob, thanks a lot for this update and also great to learn you're finally up and running with TMG v8.02
  14. Contacted Rob by PM directly.
  15. Rob, [just for the records: the error message you probably saw was: C:WindowsSysWOW64bbListviewV.ocx failed to register HRESULT - 2147024770 Contact your support personnel.] - make sure that you're logged on to your system as administrator - make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is enabled - make sure that no other applications are running - temporarily turn off your virus scanner and fire wall. I assume that you i.e. saved the 30-day-trial version of TMG v8.02 on your desktop. From your description above I get that you're trying to install TMG v8.02 to the default location: C:Program Files (Program Files x86) - correct? If so, we now need to check your system first: 1) C:Program Files (Program Files x86) - there should be no folder "The Master Genealogist v8" - is that correct? If so, good. 2) C:ProgramData - in case you have the following folders there: “The Master Genealogist v8” and “The Master Genealogist v8 Installer” > delete both 3) C:users[username]AppDataRoaming – here you'll find a folder “The Master Genealogist v8” This folder contains "User Program Data Files" i.e.: · Preferences / Program Options settings · color schemes · layouts · toolbars · DNA template files · place information button settings · place mapping button settings · web links (other) · web links (places) So in case you i.e. have any userdefined / custom layouts or the like > rename this folder i.e. to: old_The Master Genealogist v8 4) Now restart your system. 5) Again log on to your system as Administrator, make sure again that all other applications are closed, that your virus scanner and your firewall are temporarily turned off. Now run the installer of the 30-day-trial version for TMG v8.02 again. While doing so, make absolutely sure that you install TMGv8.02 to exactly the same path/directory that you used for TMGv8.01!! 6) After the installation of TMGv8.02 is complete, I’d recommend to restart your system again and also check that your virus scanner as well as the firewall are up and running again. In case everything worked fine up to this point, say TMG v8.02 is now fully functional, the only thing left to be done is to copy your custom (and only those!!) "User Program Data Files" (see step 3 !! above) from C:users[username]AppDataRoamingold_The Master Genealogist v8 to C:users[username]AppDataRoamingThe Master Genealogist v8 After that the folder ....AppDataRoamingold_The Master Genealogist v8 can be deleted.
  16. Jim, you already posted this exact same topic here: http://www.whollygen...showtopic=14443 And there are already replies / suggestions to your original topic/post in order to hopefully solve your issue.
  17. Add new family Problem

    Please check: File > Preferences > Program Options > Data Entry .... and make sure that "Data Entry Mode" is set to "Advanced"
  18. Jim, under Options regarding the Descendant Box Chart ...... > Tab: Chart Style.... make sure that the setting for the included Generations into the chart is sufficient. > Tab: Other... for "Surety" check "No threshold" and "Include blank surety" Hope that helps.
  19. Installing TMG8 on Windows XP

    Jim, Thanks. Yes, that's the correct file, correct file size, correct file version. Good. That means that the installation completed successfully. Otherwise, what you describe would not have been possible. Good. This can only mean that any other application / program on your system uninstalls / erases the TMGv8 program from your system. TMG will not uninstall itself automatically. And the key to success is, to find out which other application / program / service running on your computer does that. At this point I can only again suggest to contact Wholly Genes Support. Sorry for not being of more help.
  20. Installing TMG8 on Windows XP

    Virginia, the situation as described in the newsletter applies to customers who are not able to start TMG, but have a successfull installation of TMG. That doesn't apply to Jim's case. He says: the installation never finishes. And in case I've not missed it, in this thread here, Jim never mentioned that he received such an error message when he tried to start TMG. He doesn't seem to be able to start TMG at all - makes sense for an unsuccessfull installation, right? And since that's the case, he continously tries to install it but to no avail. Besides that I think the installer of TMGv8 looks for / requires the necessary dll file: MSVCR71.DLL to be in C:WindowsSystem32 . So my suggestion to Jim would be first to search his OS for the file in question and before doing anything beyond that point, provide a detailed report regarding the search results. Jim.... if you find MSVCR71.DLL in C:WindowsSystem32 please right-click on it > say Properties and provide the details of this file: Size, Created, Modified
  21. Add New Person - Error Message

    Bob, so far I had this happen one single time only while adding a new person. However, I've never been able to replicate it, nor have I so far run into this again. At least for me entering "circa dates" or the like does not trigger this error condition. I'd be happy to report it, but that means I would have to provide a detailed, step-by-step description how to replicate it. And actually I can't right now. So if you may run into it again, please provide the exact steps (one-by-one) / actions you did immediately before it happened. Other than that running TMG's maintenance routines (in the sequence): Optimize > Validate File Integrity > Optimize, also often helps to clear such possible "hickups".
  22. Export to GEDCOM very unreliable

    Just for the records: issue was apparently caused by the "Free Home Edition" of the third party program "Undeluxe 1.03" running while TMG's Gedcom export ran. Thanks again Helmut for all of your help to track this down.
  23. Just for the records: immediate issue was solved by uninstalling and fresh installing TMG.
  24. Cannot merge two sources

    Issue obviously solved as per this thread http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=14323&pid=57848&st=0&&do=findComment&comment=57848
  25. Opening old .sqz files

    Sandy, my suggestion would be to email Wholly Genes Support here and attach a copy of the file you're having trouble with to that email. Ask whether WG support may be able to help you.