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  1. I use TMG's most recent program version, TMGv9.05 (!!) on OS Windows 7.


    As you found all of these special Norwegian characters which you list are part of the ANSI character set which TMG supports.


    I have a very small test project -for testing means only- which only contains some people/names and place names using these characters.

    I just exported it to GEDCOM 5.5, character set ANSI and without any exception or issue at all, all of these special Norwegian characters perfectly exported to GEDCOM.


    As an aside / for the records only: During the development circle of TMGv9 (!!) some previously existing collate sequence issues pertaining to these Norwegian characters were fixed.




    Next I imported my GEDCOM file into TMGv8.08 (!!) -which is also still installed on one of my machines-, exported that project to GEDCOM 5.5, character set ANSI and again don't run into any issues at all with any of these special Norwegian characters - say everything exported to GEDCOM just fine.


    Besides that TMG has a bunch of Norwegian users and I never came across any of these users complaining about any GEDCOM export issues regarding these special Norwegian characters.


    When you inspect a GEDCOM file be sure to use a pure text editor and not any other program which may "interpret" such characters.


    Regarding the correct export please also see the attached GEDCOM file for reference which I renamed from .ged to .txt


  2. Peter,


    although I still think that using [D] would be the way to go, you could even today use [Y] for the special situations you have in mind.


    If your policy is to use [Y] i.e. for dates for which the sentence output should read i.e. "circa 1700" then you could hardcode the word "circa" within your sentence, like


    However, if today's limited functionality regarding omitted date modifiers for [Y] might ever be changed, you will have to modify your sentences. Just something to keep in mind.

  3. Peter,


    as you found the [Y] variable has limited functionality only.


    As TMG Help indicates: a year -and only the pure year without any date modifiers- will be returned for exact, before, after, circa and say dates. Either/or or From/to date modifiers will return "an unknown year".


    However, as you know, you can easily achieve what you want by simply using the [D] variable instead.




    What's the background of your wish, please - anything special which you can't achieve right now?

  4. Mark,


    you asked whether the tilde sign isn't an "international unique understandable" character. I am afraid, but NO it is not.


    As Harry pointed out (Thanks, Harry) in Belgium and in the Netherlands a different sign is used to indicate a baptism.


    In South-Africa for instance a double tilde (wavy equal character) is used instead.


    The simple tilde sign is primarily used as a symbol for baptisms in German speaking countries only. As you certainly know and for the benefit of others being interested please also see here:



  5. Hello Mark,


    yes, you're correct the ~ (tilde) symbol -used in Germany for baptisms- is not showing up in VCF reports.


    However, that's not a TMGv9.01 issue, but instead isn't working at least since TMGv7. (I've just verified that.)


    As to your question how to fix it: you can't fix it yourself, I am afraid, other than to manually correct / modify the created VCF-chart.


    [i'll report this as a bug in order to get this fixed within any future TMG version.]

  6. In case "Title" was indeed a separate tag what you try to do should most likely be quite easy going.


    However, since "Title" is only one field/part of the Name-Var tag I for one don't see a way by either using TMG or TMG Utiliy to accomplish your goal. Sorry.


    On the other hand what's been recorded into the Title field of a Name-Var tag perfectly exports to GEDCOM for me.


    Run a test GEDCOM by exporting a single person's data where to used the Title field to GEDCOM only.

    Then open the created GEDCOM file using a text editor (i.e. Notepad, Write) and check whether you find a line: 1 TITL

  7. Hallo Helmut!


    wie koennte ich mit ihnen privat contaktieren?


    Hallo Ampel,


    es ist nicht ueblich hier im Forum nach privaten Email-Adressen oder Kontaktdaten von Mitgliedern zu fragen.

    Bitte stellen Sie Ihre Frage hier.


    (It's no common practice in this forum to ask for private email addresses or privat contact data of members.

    So please ask your question here.)

  8. I can work around the short place field issue, but I do think the help topic should be clarified as to the use of exclusion markers in place fields.


    A question please, Mark: why would you think that non working exclusion markers in the Short Place Field are an issue?


    You are either able to use place variables within the Short Place Field or you can even explicitly type the exact place information which you want to appear i.e. in reports into the Short Place Field. No so?

  9. Instead of trying to use "Check for an update" download the full installer for TMG v8.07 and i.e. save it on your desktop and run it.


    In order to get the "full installer" either:

    -go to the Wholly Genes website and download the 30-day trial


    -follow the appropriate link as i.e. provided in Wholly Genes Newsletter, 19 April 2013, Issue 2013-1



    If this process does not work for some reason, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall using the full installer which is available from
    http://whollygenes.swmirror.com/tmg8setup.exe (U.S. Edition)
    http://whollygenes.swmirror.com/tmg8uksetup.exe (UK Edition)



    Hope that get's you up and running.

    If not so, the WG Newsletter recommends:


    In the case of an ongoing upgrade problem, please consult the advice posted by Jim Byram here:
    and/or contact tech support (support@whollygenes.com) with specific details of the problem (including any error message) and a description of your system. Thanks.

  10. Helmut,


    in example:


    List of Events

    run it for a Filtered Group: Field = Tag Type // Subfield = Label // Operator = Equals // Value = Marriage - End


    Then set the Report Output Columns to your liking - in example include the column type "Prin1 Primary Marker" and/or "Prin2 Primary Marker" into the report output


    That gives you a list of all marriages in your project and also outlines whether the individual marriage is primary or not for either P1 or P2.


    Not sure whether you're looking for something like this. Of course you could fine tune the filter conditions way more than indicated above in order to limit the number of events.

  11. Martin,


    the screen enables the user to quickly (and for a very limited time only) see how many people, events etc match the (various) criteria of the user selected / defined filter conditions and thus provides an immediate idea whether the filter conditions provide the "expected result" or not.


    As you will have noticed the screen even has an optional check box "to never close automatically".

  12. Martin,


    as you know the "Filter Progress Window" closes automatically after 5 seconds. In case you don't want to wait for the window to automatically close you have the option to close this window manually at any time of your liking.


    However, that's the only option available.

    In other words there's no program / application setting to alter that "display time".

  13. Helmut,


    as I learned from you, you have this identical issue on 3 different machines project independent.

    All of these machines have a fresh installation of TMG v 8.06, correct?


    Please also provide:

    1) the OS of each machine

    2) in which language you installed TMG on each machine

    3) for each machine: whether you installed TMG for All users or for single user

    4) for each machine: whether you installed TMG as a default installation in the default location or as custom installation in a user defined location

  14. Hi Helmut,


    I am sorry, but I don't see what you describe and therefore don't see any issue here.


    In other words: F3 pressed in the memo field works for me like a charme - regardless whether on add person screen or in any tag entry screen.

    (In order to see a list of the last 15 values entered into that particular field press Ctrl + F3 or on a German keyboard Strg + F3)


    F2 does not work in the memo field, however as TMG Help says:

    Pressing from many data entry fields will produce a listing of all previous entries in that field.


    "many" already implies: F2 does not work in all data fields. So again sorry, but also not an issue for me.