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  1. Morelli, Jill

    This link is broken. Maybe the page has been moved? http://home.columbus.rr.com/bjmgenealogy
  2. I have very much enjoyed reviewing and adopting some of Teresa Gee Elliott's sentence structures. She and her friends have some really great examples for us novice users. Thank you Teresa and friends! Are there any more sites where other TMG users share examples of what they are using for various tags? I'm lovin' TMG!! Tim kyproud@comcast.net
  3. Citing obituaries

    Thank you Teresa. After I posted my question, I played around with a few things and came up with a system. I will use the default templates for the newspaper obit and the template for the Electronic file/Listserve. Tweaking them, I was able to find a way to do what I intended. Thank you for all of the help and suggestions you are providing TMG users on this board! Tim kyproud@comcast.net
  4. Using icons in the toolbars

    This sam-hane.com site is wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it! I love it. Tim
  5. I create a souce for every obituary I find and haven't been as consistent as I'd like to be when citing the sources of the obits. Some obits are from newspapers, some are from online mailing lists I subscribe to, and some come from other genealogists who send a copy of a newspaper obit from a newspaper. I looked in Mills' Evidence Explained and she dosen't have it covered (or at least I could not find it in the book). I'm ok with citing the newspaper obits, but not sure how to cite an online obit. How do I site an obituary I find on an online mailing list? Should I site the mailing list name as "Listserve"? What about the URL? Should it be listed? If anyone has a template they use for recording all types of published obituaries, I'd appreciate if very much if you would share your verison with us. Thanks, Tim kyproud@comcast.net
  6. Using icons in the toolbars

    Is there any special site that you visit?
  7. Using icons in the toolbars

    Thanks Terry, I'll send an email.
  8. I'm reading and enjoying Terry's Primer for TMG and noticed that he has a female symbol on his custom toolbar. It's under the icon that looks like two men and above the icon that is a single man. Where can I find that icon? I've looked and looked. I was able to delete the standard icons that were in foreign languages, but I can't find the female icon. Where is it and how can I get it? Tim
  9. List of Error Messages

    This error went away when I installed the new version 7.02. I guess something was cleaned up with the new updates and it fixed my problem. I'm a happy camper now!! Tim
  10. List of Error Messages

    Thank you Jim! I am travelling at this time and will not be home until Friday. I will do this on Saturday. Tim Cox
  11. List of Error Messages

    Here's my last error message from the error log. Does it help with resolving my issue? Thanks, Tim Cox 2008.04.05, 08:29:25 10Syntax error. 490 FILTERDATA2
  12. List of Error Messages

    Hi Virginia, It's a simple picklist that is not filtered.
  13. List of Error Messages

    Thank you for your reply Jim. I closed my project and opened the sample project and then opened the Picklist of People and did not get the Syntax.error 490FILTERDATA2. Interesting. I closed and relaunced TMG 3 more times with the Sample project and did not get the error at all when I opened the Picklist of People. I shutdown TMG and relaunched it with my project and BAM!, I recieved the error. VERY INTERESTING. This leads me to believe, as you said, it's project specific. So what in my project is causing this error? When I get the error, I click on IGNORE and it doesn't come back until I relaunch. I've re-indexed it, optimized it, and validated the integrity. What is my next step? Thanks for helping me!! Tim Cox
  14. On This Day

    FYI on changing the pictures, it's not necessary to change the name of the picture to back1 or back2. Your original name of the picture is all that is needed. Tim
  15. Is there a place other than this forum where we can post the error messages we are getting in v7? How are they being tracked by Wholly Genes? I'd also like to see a list of error messages and possible troubleshooting tips. The two errors I'm getting are: Operator/oper and type mismatch. 17 TAGTYPEDEFINITION.MSYNCARRAYS --When trying to delete the Interred role from new Tag Type Definition. Syntax.error 490FILTERDATA2 --The first time Picklist of People is activated after opening the application. How can we help Wholly Genes track the errors so they can be used for future hot fixes? Tim