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  1. Thanks very much. I am now back in business. It seems perhaps to do with including images. It works with 'primary' image, but not with 'all images'
  2. expired version

    In August 2014 I bought Gold version 9 of TMG and have been consistently using it. However, today I get a message that the trial version has expired. What do I do now? HELP!
  3. expired version

    Thanks very much for your help. I am now back in business. Yes, in August I bought a new computer and upgraded to Windows 10. Much appreciated.
  4. Sine I want to make a fan chart for an individual, I want to create a new data set starting with him who I have recorded in 2 different data sets based on his parents. To do this, I had assumed that I could create a new data set then copy this individual from one of the previous sets. I have made a copy, but I can't see how to enter him in to my new data set. He just gets copied again into the set I have copied from. What am I missing? The help says I can do this, but doesn't say how I get him into the new set! After I have him entered I will want to add his parents and all of their information.
  5. When I have more detail than will fit in a normal row, instead of using the "Display more rows per tag" feature on the Person View, how can I view all the wrapped text. In version 6, I was able to see all of the text by holding the cursor over the entry and the whole entry would pop up. I don't want everything double spaced, but want to easily see my whole entry.
  6. Display more rows

    Thanks very much. I hadn't been able to find anything in the help that explained this.