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  1. Hi Virginia, Yeah, I hadn't tried other reports yet, but just did a non-VCF report and the PDF printer works fine.... So, it is just VCF.... Still annoyed that Wholly Genes hasn't fixed this after how many years? --Rob
  2. Hi Virginia, Yeah, I suppose I can download PDFCreator or some other one, but isn't this something that should be "fixed" in TMG 9 by now? I mean we've gone through a couple of licensed versions of Amyuni's code at this point.... Shouldn't this get better by now? --Rob
  3. I know this would crop up with TMG 8, but I have just gotten a new Windows 8.1 VM on a new laptop. Fresh install of TMG 9.01. Restored project. Dealt with exhibit folder pointing to the wrong place. Trying to print a "Descendant Boxed Chart" to the PDF printer. Getting the error message: Printer not activated, error code -30. Have removed the printer, reinstalled via TMG, rebooted, tried printing again, same error. The Port was already set to NUL: Any other steps to enable/activate this printer? --Rob
  4. Haven't used TMG in a few weeks and there were some Microsoft updates the other day.... Now as I try to launch TMG 8.04 I am getting a dialog asking for mscomctl.ocx. I looked in the typical \windows\system and \windows\system32 where I thought it would be, but the file does not appear there. Googling seems to imply that it is a file from Visual Basic (so I guess it could be a Visual FoxPro artifact), and am wondering what might be the bast way to "get it back" correctly. System is a virtual machine running Windows 7 64-bit. I also recently installed Google Drive to copy the GedStar output conveniently, but cannot remember if I have run TMG since that installation.... Any recommendations? --Rob