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  1. Sucess !!!! Many thanks one and all, I now have my Clark's all in a gedcom, successfully loaded onto Ancestry with Harry Green just another spouse. The renumbering thing did it, I didn't know you could do that. Again, problem solved on this forum, you guys are the greatest.
  2. I have produced the gedcom from People in a Focus group and have previously produced a gedcom from a Focus person. I'm working on removing my husband and re-entering him within a new project in TMG then at least I will be the lowest ref. number so I will them be at the root of this pesky line in Ancestry. But then the other problem, on uploading said gedcom to new project, TMG has produced a extra person call "Submitter Name" which i can't delete unless I "Manually modify the Source record" ??? I really thought I was going to have an easy day today
  3. So here's the story, recently at a family gathering a few people said they would like my collection of 400 "Clark" family members so they can start a tree for themselves on ancestry. I produced a gedcom file, by way of a Focus group with the earliest Clark as the Focus person and to include all descendants and spouses. Now, I assumed incorrectly, that my earliest Clark would be the main Person on the tree - which I've called "Clark". I then created a new Ancestry free account, uploaded the gedcom and my husband appeared as 1st person. Not a problem, thought I, I'll just change the Home person to my earliest Clark, which I did. So now the Tree is called Clark. I then can look at Earliest Clarks daughter, Margaret, then look at tree again. The line above the tree reads thus: Harry Green : Earliest Clark : Margaret Clark This being the root. So really no one will want Harry Green as the root of the Clark family tree although I do want Harry Green along with all other Clark spouses to show on the Tree. I have produced a gedcom before with myself as the focus person, but in this case I only want 400 people out of the 1000 I have on TMG. Picky..I know, but I just think if you have a Clark family Tree, Harry Green should not be there, right at the top.
  4. Yes, it changes the way you see the tree so as the oldest ancestor is showing but above the tree is a line, which looks almost like a root saying Husbands name then oldest ancestor. As I want a gedcom to pass on to the members of this particular branch of the family, I don't want my husband to be mentioned apart from in the tree as my husband. The other way, I suppose is to have a new project where I import all descendants and spouses but delete my husband, then add him again, but I wondered if there was a better way to change the focus of a person so it wouldn't pick up that no. 1 was my husband
  5. When I first started my project, way back, for some reason my husband got no. 1 spot. I want to make a gedcom file with all my mothers relatives so that I can upload the gedcom onto Ancestry for all the many relatives from that side of the family. To do this, I created a Focus Group starting from the oldest Ancestor of my Mother and added all decendants + spouses. The list is exactly what I want, apart from the fact that my husband features as the main man, so to speak. I am able to change the focus within Ancestry to my oldest Ancestor but my Husband, bless him, still features as the main person. I love him dearly, but in the scheme of things regarding this project, he's just a bit player. As Ancestry is getting this information from the gedcom produced by TMG, how can I change this?
  6. Oh, that really is excellent. I followed the instructions then ran my census reports again, this time using my new "relation" tab on my 2nd report. I used "X" instead of "M" so that I could sort my excel, by relation. All the "X"'s were at the end and I just dragged and copied all the "X" relation column across the census dated. The only people i now have showing, not blocked in colour, are the people without dobs or dods and those who need looking up on the census. Many many thanks Terry, does life get any better than this?... oh yeah, I could win the lottery, but having my census excel sorted is definately a big plus.
  7. Hi All I didn't realise there was a page 2 to this discussion so to add, I do use the witness on census entries as it is so much quicker than giving everyone an individual census entry. I produced my report using "people" 1st setting new census flags, I for each census entry. Then running a report, without output, using a filter to find all people with a tag entry for each individual census and the secondary output to change the flag to "Y". This will pick up individual census entries and witness census entries. I then just have to run report to change census flags for people born after last census date and people who have died before each census date, this time changing flags to "X" What is left is all people who should have a census entry but haven't or people with no census entry and no death date. Finally I run 2 reports of all people on project. First with output of "ID Number" "Name Group*Tag, Last, Given Names" "Census 1841#1" through to "Census 1901#1" (9 column max), then with again Id and name, but this time with"Census 1911#1" and also dob, dod and birth place. these 2 are output to excel. I then can copy and past the extra columns of census 1911 and birth dates etc. onto the 1st excel report. I then do a conditional format on the whole excel for cell data not equal to "?" and format in a light blue. I then have a very clear report as to who has census dates missing. So, just 1 thing would make it perfect. Is it possible to flag everyone with a new flag of "relation" anyone who is not directly related to me. I have the "relation >" tag showing but can't find this on any report as an option. Many thanks to all, for getting me this far.
  8. At Last!! I have just successfully produced a list of people with an indicator of ?, Y, N, or X on each census, 1 line per person. I'm using "?" as no census entry for a particular year, "X" for not living in that year, "Y" for Census entry in that year and "N" for "Looked but couldn't find and got fed up with looking and may look later when I have time", which is exactly what I wanted. I can Manually delete all the xxxxx very easily by sort within Excel so all is good. It took about 10 minutes to change the flags using Secondary Output and I will probably just manually change my excel report rather than change flag as I go along as it is quite easy to reset flags with Secondary. Just one small problem, (Isn't there always 1) The Output Columns only allow 9 columns so with ID and Name, I can then only do 1841 to 1901, therefore missing out 1911, what a shame. Anyways, many thanks for all help. Not only did I get the report I wanted but I have learned an awful lot about reports in general and flags. Again Many thanks to all.
  9. Hi Micheal I ran the Witness report using your code but found that even if people were born after 1912 they still appeared on the report because the death year was after 1840. I tried to take the death line off altogether but then I I had no census tags, only birth and christening. My head hurts! Many thanks
  10. Hi Virginia Sorry I've only just got around to trying this out, I've also been away for a week. Ok, I'm trying to change all the Census flags on my project now. I've set up a flag for each Census (Census 1841 - Census 1911). I'm assuming I now click reports, List of events and set a filter to Tag type, equals, Census 1841. Then go to options, secondary output and click change flag, all witnesses, Flag Census 1841#1 and Y Supress output Then ok Then create report and all persons that have a tag for census 1841 will have their flag changed to Y. That seemed to work. But then I thought I would run a filter, Tag type, Label, Does not contain Census 1841 Secondary output, all witnesses, Flag Census 1841#1 and N but that seemed to change the flag back to N even though the Census 1841 was present. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but would appreciate your help as I may have got the wrong end of the stick altogether. many thanks for your help
  11. Hi All and especially Bob who started this Topic that has really opened my eyes. First of all on Michael's report I ran this one exactly but I found it was better for me to run without stating a greater than and less than date as some people, not on the Census and not having a Birth Date, but having a recent Death Date would not appear on my list. The one I ran without dates was fine and I just needed to manually delete everyone born after 1911 or who had died before 1841. That would be a great option to put in the code but that option isn't there. But as it only took a couple of minutes, I now have all people listed and I can see at a glance who needs a census look up. On Bob's report. I think that is exactly what I want as it only gives 1 entry per person and with the "x" stating that the person is not alive for that particular census, it really does make it easy. I presume that is the Excel layout, because if so, one would be able to edit the excel report as new census entries are added with a simple changing of "x" to "y" instead of having to run the report over again. However, please excuse my ignorance but how do I set the Census flays as "x" "y" "n". I looked at Virginia's Secondary output example but didn't really understand it. If it's not too much trouble I would appreciate an idiots guide to that report as I also use the UK Gold version and want to do that exact same thing. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this topic. I've learn't more about TMG in the last week or so than I have in the last 10 years.
  12. As I wade through the Census records I've just discovered that I can add new sons and daughters through Witness. The only problem now is what is the best way to associate my new son and daughter witnesses to their Father and Mother. Thanks in anticipation
  13. Many thanks for all the suggestions. The witness report gives all people who have Census entries which is a good report for checking which census dates are missing from each person. However, there are some people who don't have any Census entries and should have. In this case I have ran the report with filter tag types that do not contain "census". The beauty of that report will give the tag "birth" and therefore date of birth, also death and date so at a glance I can see when they should have 1st appeared on the census and up to what date. Once I am able to add a census to everyone without a census tag, they should appear on the report suggested, but I will lose that birth and death date. I think running both the reports will be the solution. I may even be able to add some formulas to the Witness report, without filters, to put the birth date on the same line as the census. I'll have to play with that one. But i have reports I can now work with. Of course, the big problem now is, I can see how much work I have to do with all those missing Census entries. Again, many thanks to all.
  14. Having come across this post by accident, this is exactly what I would like to do. I have also created census 1841, census 1851 etc in the tag type list and they are all in the Tag Group "Other Event" apart from my Census 1911 which for some odd reason is in the Tag Group "Address". I tried to produce a report as your suggestion, using 8 filters, 1 for each census tag but on the excel report, it only had 2 extra columns, 1 titled Addresses, which I initially presumed that denoted the people who have 1911, but having checked 1 person noted by a "1" under addresses, they have a location tag in my records, but no 1911 Census tag. The other is titled events, but that columns doesn't tell me which Census info, just says 2, 3 etc. events. The other thing is, I've just checked 1 of my people and he is showing 5 events but he only has 2 census tags and 1 witness census tag and I've another person who actually has 5 census tags, not showing on the excel report at all. Is it possible that you could step by step tell me how to produce this report as I'm sure i'll never be able to work it out on my own, I think it's a miracle that I managed to produce any report. Many thanks in anticipation.
  15. Highlighted Tag Labels

    Many thanks, I'll wait for TM8 and just hope that when it's released and I change the highlighting, it will update all the current entries. No news yet on a release date? I've not updated to TMG 7 because of the problems, I heard, running it on Windows 7 64 bit. But no worries, my ancestors aren't going anywhere, so I can wait. Again many thanks.