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  1. F2 Key

    We had tried the Fn-F2 and got a window that didn't appear to be the direction to go, so we stopped at that point. Tried it again today and clicked Yes in that window and it did take us to the location we were looking for. Thanks for the response to my question. Charles
  2. F2 Key

  3. F2 Key

    When using the F2 key to search for previous entries such as city, county, state, etc I get no response. I am using TMG7 in Windows Ver7 in a MacPro laptop.
  4. Running TMG v7 via Parallels in a Mac

    I have installed Parallels 5 and Windows 7, 64-bit on my Mac Pro. I moved TMG v7 from Windows Vista OS to Windows 7 (guest OS). Note: I had originally downloaded TMG and installed it on the PC , so I did not have a CD for reinstalling it on the Mac. At present the program appears to work with the "Sample" project. My other projects did not move with the switch. Now if a start a B/U in the Sample project, I see a path that starts with \\.psf\Home\ while the old path was users\administrator\. Is my problem with using the 64-bit version rather than the 32-bit or for some other reason? Charles
  5. Windows 7 - Slowdown

    HI, I am looking at an Apple laptop and want to be able to install TMG on Windows 7 operating system. Your responses concerning on the program are encouraging . I am yet to decide on using Fusion or Boot Camp set up. My concern is the how fast the program will put together a very large journal report for print out.
  6. TMG restore

    After downloading the update TMG v7.04 I had to install my restore disk to get my system booted up again. Checked with Phil (tech support) and was told to down load a patch and then down load the update TMG v7.04 again. Problem: can't find the patch at the upgrade center. Charles