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  1. Serious data corruption

    Thanks, both, for the tip on the sorting sequence. Tried to reset it to the General option. TMG reindexed the project, but again no luck. Have now contacted support, should probably not try too much until they have had a go at it. Morten Mo
  2. I am running TMG 7.03.0000, Norwegian language version. My database currently contains 4000+ persons. Recently, I found a large number (several thousand) new events tagged as GEDCOM. They appear to be clones of certain event tags (mainly birth, marriage, death, profession), the originals remaining in place. Some items could even be older versions of edited or deleted events, but I am not absolutely sure of this. I had a fresh backup, but when restoring it I found the same thing there. Next, I downloaded John Cardinal's TMG utility to see if I could do a bulk delete. (I understand that Wholly Genes take no responsibility for that program.) Tough luck - I could not even open the file, but got an error message saying Not a correct index file - unsupported collating sequence and next: Error -1 from CTMGDB Error (-310) Not a Correct Index File opening ... In response I rebuilt the index, but to no avail. I have started deleting the records one by one - very frustrating exercise when you cannot delete them in bulk from the Master Event List. I apparently have to go through the individuals one by one and delete each faulty entry. Is there anyone out there that can help me? What has happened and why? How can I best repair the damage? Morten Mo, Norway
  3. Name styles

    Thanks, both of you! I have taken the advice and created a name style along Michael's recommendation. Now I am into changing name styles and editing names for the 750 or so entries where this seems most urgent. Seems there are no shortcuts to this job. Curiously, when creating the name style, I saw that the Norwegian version actually has suitable labels embedded, but they are not accessible as a name style, US standard names is the only one that can be selected. Next, I will get around to some Russian and French names too, but that is a limited number.
  4. Name styles

    In Scandinavia - and certainly other places, too - a person's name would often be composed of three parts: - A given name/"Christian name" - A patronymicon - the father's first name with the -sen/-son or -daughter ending - The name of the farm where the family lived The patronymicon would stay with you for life, but would of course change for each generation. The name of the farm was almost an address and could stay with a family for generations. When the family moved, however, this name could change. (Certain families kept a name after they moved; sons from wealthy farms, immigrants, etc). The new owner/resident would be referred to with the same farm's name, although he was not related. Changes in legislation around 1900 demanded that family names stay the same through generations. The older names are cumbersome to enter in TMG. The US name style assumes the modern two part name, where the surname is copied from the father. So far I have entered the patronymicon as part of the first name and the farm as the surname, but I see certain disadvantages. Ideally, I would like to search and sort on either. I believe Russians have a similar type of triple names. Has anyone come up with a name style that takes better care of this type of names?