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  1. I still have problems changing the directory for TMNU to move them to (from being internal), it just shuts down. I had this in Vista and now the same in Win 7. Has anyone found a way around this as I would like to get the internal back on "the outside" again. Regards - Terry John Cardinal's TMG Utility will convert internal exhibits to external...see http://www.johncardinal.com/
  2. I have just printed out a kinship report for my Uncle and I appreciate that this is maybe minor (or has it been covered before? Apologies if it has) but Great Uncles and Aunts are appearing "one generation after" their siblings on the report? Am I correct that: Grandfather's siblings are GrandUncles/Aunts GGrandfather's siblings are GGrandUncles/Aunts If so, in the report I am seeing Great Grandparents listed before Grand Uncles. Or is it that the kinship report is created by looking at each level and starting with the blood relatives and then working down a level for their children (if that makes sense)? Thanks - Terry p.s. I may have misunderstood this totally.
  3. Kinship report

    Thanks both for the input. Just to save my sanity (and possibly confuse further), I just took a look at my paternal Grandfather's brother in TMG and the relation tag shows that he is my Great Uncle. In the kinship report he is my Grand Uncle and appears after my Great Grandparents entry. But I take your point Terry. As I say, not a big issue, however, until I looked the kinship report, I always thought of my Grandfather's brother as my Great Uncle, but I can understand why the term Grand Uncle would be used, it makes sense, but it was starting to confuse me at the 6th GGrandfather type level, I wasn't sure who quite fitted in where. So is Grand Uncle the "correct" genealogical term? It would make sense to keep everything in kilter. Also, "2nd great-great-uncle" (as shown in the TMG details screen) relates to my 2nd Great Grandfather's brother. I can see that on the screen, but is the use of great-great to match great in this instance to keep the "2nd" part of the description at the matching level. I think that I may have just dug myself further into the confusion pit. Please don't spend time answering this, I will go away and ponder... Thanks again - Terry
  4. I am not sure if this is a UK specific question or not, but here goes... On Caroline's site she shows the COUNTRY GRID REF CHAPMAN fields (in the UK place entry) with the entries prefixed with a "-" ie "-England" or "-KEN". I have been trying to work out the reason for this, or am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance - Terry (or probably more correctly; Thanks in advance Terry)
  5. Thanks Jim, that makes such obvious sense now that you have mentioned it. Much appreciated - Terry
  6. Hi all. I have (some moons ago) set up tags for all of the UK census years 1841-1911, but having read some of the hints and tips I want to amend them. Basically I want to add all of the possible roles that are found on a UK census. As I have used the tags in the past for existing entries, what is the best approach to save me going into each census tag and adding the same roles over and over? Can I delete the existing tags from within the Tag Type List and copy the new "master Tag Type Definition" and rename to the original tags without upsetting the already entered data? e.g. Census 1841, Census 1851 etc exist at the moment. If I create all of the roles in Census 1911, delete all of the previous census tages and then copy Census 1911 sufficient times and rename them Census 1841, Census 1851 etc. Will that work? Also, if I put "Head of Household" at the top of the list rather than "Principle", will that affect anything adversely? Thanks in advance - Terry
  7. Copying Tag Types

    Thanks again for the quick response Terry.
  8. Copying Tag Types

    Thanks Terry, that is what I thought might be the answer (i.e. I couldn't see how to copy the new roles from one Tag Type to another). Re whether Principle or something different is at the top of the roles list, does that matter? Oh well, here goes another evening amending... Thanks again - regards - Terry
  9. Hi all. Although I have set TMG to use UK places as the default, I still get the US Standard format when I enter a new person and I get the "... UK format place name change to US?" on certain screens. Can somebody tell me where the idiot switch is please? Thanks
  10. UK defaults

    Thanks Jim. I couldn't see it for looking. I was looking in the main set up menus. I will now pause on all screens for ten seconds to see what else I have missed in a programme that I have been using for years. Thanks again - Terry